Windows Mobile 6.5 Gets Mentioned by Motorola CEO

While we’re waiting for Windows Mobile 7 handsets to arrive we can still play with Windows Mobile 6.1 handsets. Or are we going to get Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets?
Motorola’s CEO happened to mention this new version during a conference call in which he discussed the Motorola’s earnings. One of the points he made was the fact that Windows Mobile 6.1 hasn’t been able to keep up with Apple in the “user experience” department.
Does anyone have any idea about Windows Mobile 6.5? Does it exist? Anyone ready to leak something about it?” via

TMobile G1 Available in UK Now

The T-Mobile G1 went on sale in the UK today, exclusive to T-Mobile. The T-Mobile G1 is available for free on T-Mobile Combi and Flext price plans from Pounds Sterling 40 a month, including unlimited mobile internet browsing.The G1 offers a completely new mobile internet experience with full touch screen plus QWERTY keyboard for easy online communication and high speed internet with popular Google services already on board. With Google Maps, T-Mobile G1 users can instantly view maps, satellite imagery, find local businesses and get driving directions. And Google Maps synchs with the built-in compass – an industry first – to allow users to view locations and navigate 360 degrees by simply moving the phone with their hand.The 50 applications available to download for free at Android Market include Wikitude, which displays local information from Wikipedia live on-screen when scanning your local surroundings using the phone’s camera. There are also a number of applications designed to help consumers make their money go further including ShopSavvy, which uses the G1’s camera to ’scan’ product barcodes and then searches the web using the browser to find the best available prices. Other applications help users indulge their interests. SplashPlay teaches users how to play the guitar by streaming video over the web, whilst Cooking Capsules and Cocktail! comb the web to provide recipes and instructions based on the contents of your kitchen or drinks cabinet.” via

Motorola to ditch Symbian: focus on Android

It seems Motorola really are focusing a lot on Google’s open source Android Operating System, first, upping the number of people on their Android team, developing a social networking-based handset, running Android, and, now, it’s said the company is to focus on three core platforms: Windows Mobile for business handsets, their own proprietary P2k Operating System, for low-end handsets, and, Google’s Android OS will be the core focus of the three Operating System. These changes come under the recently appointed CEO Sanjay Jha, in a bid to shake up their handset division. This means Motorola will be working on exsisting Operating Systems no longer, like Symbian, meaning yet more lay-offs for the company. These changes may be announced during the company’s earnings conference call tomorrow. ” via