Zeus quest Anagennisis of Gaia Review!

About CrazySoft
First of all I must say that I have been a fan of crazysoft games for a couple of years. Paintball & Psarakia are still 2 of my best puzzle games. Last Years, crazysoft stopped creating puzzle games and switched to the adventure genre. A move that made me skeptic as a fanatic puzzle gamer… With the release of Final Battle (The first adventure game) all my doubts vanished.

Adventures .. old style
The first attempt in the adventure game area was with ‘lost in the pyramid’. This was a small funny ‘thing’ that looked like an adventure game. The second attempt was ‘Final Battle’, a very successful and funny game which was in fact I have not expected. Now Crazysoft strikes back with ‘Zeus Quest’. Yes, yes… it’s the ‘Zeus’ you imagine, still it has nothing to do with ‘Xena the warrior princess’!

The Story
To begin with, you are Zeus! Do you throw thunders? Yes… Are you sitting on a thrown on top of the mountain Olympos? No… You are the mighty boss of Olympus, which has returned from another galaxy to save earth from total destruction. On the game’s opening you see Zeus coming down on Earth thought flames. He ends in the water, right in front of a beach on Santorini Island. Did I mention that the game takes place around 500BC? Yes it does! You can even speak to Philosophers and Mythological figures of ancient Greece and believe me they are funny…
The story evolves in five Greek islands with great history. The game uses a similar game play system as the final battle. In this game instead of completing your shield with gems your task is to uncover an ancient time mechanism (which is a time machine when you build it) and you try to collect the pieces and restore it. The problem is that all of them are scattered around the islands…

The riddles
Final battle was a game with medium difficulty. I think that Zeus Quest has the same difficult level. The difference is that the game is much larger and open (You must visit many locations and islands) so you may find yourself looking for help at some forums…
The riddles are great with unique humor just like Final Battle and even better. A very welcome addition to the game are the mini games. Sadly there are only three. The best thing is that if you find yourself frustrated in a mini game, after a while the game lets you continue by solving the riddle for you. The downside? No points for you!!
Speaking of points Crazysoft has the same system that exports high stores on the net. Can an adventure game have score? Why not, all Sierra old classic games did! Not only it keeps score, but there are also hidden score points scattered around the game which must be found in order to make a full score.

The graphics
Lost in the pyramid was a nice idea but the graphics were a disaster. Final battle was improved greatly, with carton-like characters and backgrounds. Zeus Quest is even better!!! I have never seen this cartoon style in an adventure game. The characters have much detail and shadows and look awesome (especially the females). The sceneries are just fabulous. I recommend playing the game on a VGA phone or PC for a better experience. For example it looks great on a HTC Diamond it is a game that complements the machine’s Hi-Res screen. Jaw drooping colors at every level. Like all other games made by Crazysoft all screens and resolutions are supported automatically. Tested on Samsung Omnia, Palm Treo Pro and others without any problem… Cheers to the developers… great work.

The sound
Final battle had a great soundtrack with a different track on every location you visited! Zeus Quest is a much bigger game and you will find yourself listening some of the tracks twice. This is not a bad thing since the music is great with my favorite track the ‘Zorbas the Greek’ song on calderas Cafe. I must say here that the Blackberry and the Palm OS versions have only sound effects and no music. I was expecting this because they did the same thing on the previous game.

The conclusion
Is this game better than Final Battle? The game play is better by far, the scenario is unique and original, graphics are 2 times better and music is as good as the previous one, so we can safely state that Crazysoft raised the bar a lot with this one.
Did I mention that this is a very big game? If you thought that ‘Final Battle’ was big, think again. This is twice as big. I won’t spoil the fun by mentioning anything about the end of the game but I can only say that you will laugh a lot.

The verdict
Stop reading and start downloading now!! If you are an adventure fan, you will love it. If you don’t even know what an adventure game is, this game is a good start. More please…
Get it here and try also The final battle here

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