Google Street View lands on S60 and Windows Mobile

T-Mobile G1

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Google Street View team has been busy photographing France, Italy, Spain, and Australia. Given the international focus of recent Street View launches, it’s time we make Street View accessible on phones that are especially popular in those countries. We’re excited to announce the availability of Google Maps for mobile version 2.3 with Street View on Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile. Street View was previously released on Google Maps for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone.Street View lets you access street level imagery to help orient yourself when looking for places, businesses, or getting directions. Say you’re going to meet with friends at an unfamiliar restaurant. Now you can search for it in Google Maps for mobile, click on “Street View”, and see what the place and surrounding area look like. Similarly, say you need to get to a shop in a part of town you don’t know. Find it using your phone, get directions to it, and see how to get there with full-screen panorama images of every step along the way.While Street View is not yet available everywhere, we’ll continue rolling out support across other geographies in the coming months.Besides Street View, the new version of Google Maps for mobile also has a bunch of other new features: request walking directions (in addition to driving and public transit) to get anywhere on foot, receive transit alerts from participating public transportation authorities, and see what other people think of a place by reading reviews directly on your phone. We’ve also overhauled the entire user interface to make the app more responsive and easier to use.So if you have a Nokia S60 or Windows Mobile smartphone, go ahead and download the new version of Google Maps by visiting on your phone. Enjoy the (street) view!

Android OS ported to HTC Touch!!

“With Google’s Android OS being open-source and all, it’s only a matter of time before Android-enthusiasts port the Linux-based OS to their favorite smartphones. The latest handset to get the Android-treatment is the Windows Mobile-powered HTC Touch, of all things.The HTC Touch was manufactured as a Windows Mobile Professional smartphone, but xda-developers user dzo, has discovered a way to bring the Android OS to the HTC Touch platform. More specifically, the Android OS was ported to the CDMA variant of the HTC Touch, known as the HTC Vogue.The video below shows Android running fairly well on the Touch. The Android build used for this little demonstration even sports a custom on-screen keyboard that the mainstream T-Mobile G1 lacksPutting Android on the HTC Touch is a fairly straight-forward process. First, you’ll need to ensure that your Touch handset is running on a MSM7X00 CPU and that your radio is updated to 3.42.50. Once you’ve verified the requirements, you’ll need to download the appropriate files and run a convenient executable file that will handle all the Android-porting for you.And, when you’re done playing with Android on your HTC Touch/Vogue, a simple reboot will take you back to Windows Mobile.Find the instructions here.” via

SBSH Calendar Touch announced Redefining information management!

T-Mobile G1

SBSH Mobile Software announced today the all new Calendar Touch for Windows Mobile Pro/Classic! SBSH Calendar Touch for Windows Mobile Pro/Classic is an exciting new personal information manager that guarantees a great boost to your daily time management and productivity! Introducing new gesture-based navigation technologies to accompany latest developments in the Windows Mobile market.SBSH Calendar Touch release follows the successful release of SBSH Calendar (former Papyrus) for Windows Mobile Standard devices earlier in August this year, introducing a complete personal information management solution for our Windows Mobile Touch users!Calendar Touch packs exciting new features: Great looking and informative Calendaring and Tasks utilities, Search View; Advanced filters management; Automatic attendees notifications, Auto-adopting design to match your device look&feel, Popup selection effect for optimized display, advanced gestures navigation and much more! Calendar Touch is backed by a powerful engine to ensure the fastest experience for the pro user!
SBSH Calendar Touch Highlights
Personal Information Management
– Full calendar views: Daily, Weekly, List and Monthly; Dedicated Tasks view; Search utility, PNG category icons with extensions support and more!
Gestures and Touch – Navigate using gestures support. Swipe your finger left/right to move between dates, down to bring the Touch Date Selector and up to easily jump get back to current day
Innovative & Powerful Tools – Automatic email notifications and attendees appointment invitations; Pop-out Effect for better display of current day events, Active timelines, Professionally designed PNG based category icon store for best display results
Simplified and Innovative – Next generation user-interface which automatically adopts your current Windows Mobile look and feel. Additionally, especially designed features that take advantage of any screen resolution and orientation!