Nokia Email service graduates as part of Nokia Messaging

“It’s Davis Fields and I’m happy to announce the official release of Nokia Messaging. Please go to to download the latest version. I’m also proud to say that we are graduating the program from Beta Labs. The Nokia Messaging team has gained so much from you, our users, during our time here. We started our beta in August 2008 with the first release of Nokia Email service. We will be rolling out the service on a country by country basis starting with Australia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. You are free to continue using the service until it’s commercially available in your location.
Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Support for Yahoo! Mail
  • Support for more Nokia S60 phones
  • Support for up to ten email addresses
  • Support for subfolders for IMAP email accounts
  • Support for Google Apps hosted email and other vanity domain email addresses
  • Flagged messages will automatically become starred messages in Gmail
  • More intuitive inbox navigation via a discoverable control bar
  • Faster opening of inbox
  • Sent email will be synced to your webmail’s sent folder for all email addresses

I can say that most of these features came from your requests, and I hope you enjoy this new release. I can also say that we are by no means done with our work – this is the first official release but we will continue to regularly offer large updates to Nokia Messaging. I want to acknowledge specifically the omission of HTML in this release – we have spent plenty of time figuring out the best way to implement HTML and we are close to delivering it, but not in this release. It’s an important feature to us.Finally, though we’re graduating from Beta Labs today, I will continue to be listening to your feedback and keeping up the dialogue. You will be able to find future postings from me regarding Nokia Messaging at the S60 Living blog. I will continue to read and reply to emails sent to nokiaemail [at] nokia [dot] com. As always, thanks for your feedback. Enjoy the holidays and the new release of Nokia Messaging!”via

BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flip Phone review!

“The speaker on the phone was pretty crisp and clear, and the speakerphone was pretty great. In fact, the speakerphone is, arguably, better than most phones including the iPhone (on which it generally sucks). Build quality is rather nice, although when you keep it in your pocket, it seems a bit bulky – which is most likely because it’s a flip. As with the original Pearl, typing on the new-ish keyboard on the flip phone is something that old-school crackberries may have to adjust to.” Read more here: