Android On Screen Keyboard VIDEO

“One of the top complaints of Android’s first phone – the T-Mobile G1 – is the fact that it doesn’t have an onscreen keyboard. The full physical QWERTY is a godsend, but having to slide open the keyboard for simple keystrokes, searches and passwords can be a real drag.Introducing the un-drag: Android’s On-Screen Keyboard poised to hit the G1 as a software update in late January 2009! The update will come with the recently unearthed Cupcake development branch – have a look for yourself:While it’s hard to believe this was left out in the first place, the key here is that on MOST phones if this had been left out, you’d be lucky to see a fix at all. But the always yearning for improvement Android OS was built for the future and the on-screen qwerty is a perfect example of that.We can’t wait for this update to hit but I bet there are some people that are MUCH more excited… the Android Phone Manufacturers who have plans to build full touch-screen devices with only on-screen keyboards!” via

All Epocwares Solutions Redesigned for Efficient Work on S60 5th Edition Touch Screen Devices

Software for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : Handy Shell Nokia 5800 Xpress Music  Software: 5-day weather forecast

“Epocware, a subsidiary of Paragon Software Group, releases full-feature software support for the latest S60 5th Edition smartphones from Nokia. Epocware’s programs and services now fully support the redesigned interface of the touch screen devices – Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97. All Epocware’s programs – from the utility applications, such as Handy Shell, Handy Safe, Handy Weather, Handy Calendar to the SlovoEd’s more than 120 monolingual and bilingual dictionaries were tailor-made for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97, keeping in mind all special characteristics and unique features of the touch screen devices.” Check them here:

Introducing Handwriting Calculator a showcase of Nokias new handwriting recognition technology

“Well, this is something I find really promising: Nokia Handwriting Calculator allows you to calculate handwritten math expressions with a touch-screen Nokia device, and with a Windows PC. As such, the calculator really nice, but the really cool part is, in my opinion, the underlying handwriting recognition technology that enables us to create great new applications in the future.Download here. Please don’t mind the minor stylistic rough edges – consider this as an experimental technical showcase, and let the brilliant development team from Beijing know what you think about it!!” via