HTC Touch Viva Review at phonearena!

“The Touch Viva’s specifications are very similar to the ones of the Touch, but there are some differences in design aspect. To begin with, the little device has in fact grown up in every dimension; this is somewhat strange, having in mind that its bigger size isn’t providing anything new. The screen is 2.8”, running in QVGA resolution, but it doesn’t find its place exactly on the same plane the front side is, which makes it different from the other devices of the series. It’s a bit concave. This spoils the overall appearance a bit, but the main reason to mention it, is that in Windows Mobile most of the screen controls are situated over the angles and edges, to which you can’t reach very easily using your fingers only. The display boasts bright and saturated colors, but this is only until it falls prey of the noxious direct sunlight. When this happens, the image becomes pale and hard to read.” Read more here:

Sony Ericsson to switch from HTC to Mobinnova

As Taiwanese DigiTimes writes today, Chinese-language Commercial Times has reported that Sony Ericsson will not continue its cooperation with HTC but will switch to to Taiwan-based Mobinnova (a handset maker under Foxconn Electronics/Hon Hai Precision Industry which made its own experiences with Windows Mobile already). According to these info, Sony Ericsson plans to outsource its second Windows Mobile-based smartphone (most likely the Xperia X2) to the Taiwanese ODM expert. Although Sony Ericsson is believed to continue expanding its lineup of Windows Mobile-based smartphones, the company’s partnership with HTC will come to an end when the current production of Xperia X1 handsets completes its business circle, the paper quoted industry sources as indicating.The switch from HTC to Mobinnova/Focxonn shouldn’t be too hard for Sony Ericsson anyway since the company always highlighted that the Xperia X1 was designed by Sony Ericsson, co-developed with HTC and manufactured by HTC, similar to the very early Compaq iPAQs when HTC was another ODM only. To underline this fact, Sony Ericsson always made clear that it’s running its own Windows Mobile development office on the U.S. West Cost near San Francisco.Now we can only hope that this switch will not result in any development delays for the expected Xperia X2.” via