Nokia E63 Review at

“Unexpectedly, SMS messages have become the most popular mobile service. Who might have thought, that people will write messages in a peculiar way on these small keyboards? Years later, phones are much more advanced and the variety is greater, but this service continues to hold the first place. So, it should be expected that developers will try to make it more user-friendly, shouldn’t it? Until recently, the availability of a full keyboard was something typical only for business phones, but manufacturers began to realize that the ordinary customers also like using SMS, e-mail and chat.
Thanks to this, we witness models like the E63, which is the subject of this review. Based on the popular business smartphone E71, the new product of the Finns is here, and is ready to offer a full keyboard to everyone, not only to the men in suits. As you shouldn’t look weird when you take it out of your pocket, its appearance is more casual, replacing the metal with a high-quality plastic. Hopefully, the build quality doesn’t suffer from this and is still very high-end. The colors are also unofficial and instead of the boring grey and black, here we have the fresher blue or red. Maybe because of the fast food restaurants, the E63 has gotten a bit thicker and is now 13 mm, instead of the E71’s 10 mm. There isn’t almost any change in the other dimensions and as a whole the size is pretty decent for a QWERTY phone. Speaking of the keyboard, we have to mention that the keys are very handy, although being a bit small. Unfortunately, once again, the bottom row of keys isn’t shifted to the right, so you’ll have to get used to it, in order to avoid mistakes. When it comes to buttons, we have to note the total lack of such on the sides – no volume rocker and no power key.” Read more here: