HTC Touch HD Running Android — VIDEO

“You may be familiar with the HTC Touch HD, it’s that massively beautiful device that is spurning North America for reasons we simply don’t understand. Even our friends over at WMExperts are in awe of this beautiful device and we can’t blame them: 480 x 800 VGA edge-to-edge screen.So it’s not just another day at the office when we come across a video of the HTC Touch HD running Android. If any device can make EVERYONE pay attention to Android, it’s definitely got to be the Touch HD. In the video, the HTC Touch HD demoes the Android Market and though it’s ridiculously blurry and horribly lit, this might be the most exciting video I’ve seen in 2009.” via

TMobile Dash Smartphone Now Back in Black

T-Mobile Dash

“A slightly revamped version of the T-Mobile Dash is now available. This includes a new look and an upgrade to the latest version of Windows Mobile.The new Dash drops the black-and-silver casing of the original in exchange for one that is a very dark grey, but T-Mobile insists in actually black. Nothing else about the actual design of this model has changed.On the inside, this model sports Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, the most recent edition of Microsoft’s operating system for smartphones without touchscreens.It is available now on T-Mobile’s website for $100 with a qualifying service contract and mail-in rebate.The T-Mobile Dash isn’t a new model — it debuted over two years ago — but has been T-Mobile’s most popular Windows Mobile device, and a jump to the latest version of this operating system breathes new life into it.It uses a popular design for smartphones: a slim tablet shape with a QWERTY keyboard below the screen. This model includes a 320-by-240-pixel display that is in landscape mode by default.The Dash is a quad-band GSM phone that has Wi-Fi b/g and Stereo Bluetooth, but does not support T-Mobile’s 3G network.It also has a microSD memory card slot and a 1.3 MPx camera.Like all Windows Mobile devices, it offers Push corporate email and a suite of productivity and entertainment software.Overall, this model is 2.5 by 4.4 by 0.5 inches, and it weighs 4.2 ounces.” via