A new version of fring for Windows Mobile (3.34)

“We’re delighted to announce a new version of fring for Windows Mobile devices, including Sony Ericsson’s new super cool Xperia and Samsung Omnia.In this version, you’ll find the new & improved fring Add-ons – fun, interactive mobile internet apps that sit inside your fring, allowing you to take your Facebook account mobile, receive Gmail notifications and loads more.Plus, we’ve included our popular File Transfer function – you can now send digital files to all your fring, Skype, MSN & Yahoo buddies at the click of a button. No need for Bluetooth pairing, no wires, no infrared and no costly MMS charges. Just select a buddy, click send, and before you can say “Who’s seen my data cable?” the file has been received.The navigation & functionality have been improved with a new ‘Go- To menu’, Privacy and ‘Joystick-In’ settings, typing indication and new Add-Ons Managment screen, all make the whole fringing experience even smoother.Finally, if you’re an HTC user, we now support earpiece use, as well, so you can keep your conversations all to yourself.On a final note, we want to thank our friends at Microsoft for recognizing fring and awarding us their “Designed for Windows Mobile” certification, indicating products that are compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices.These improvements have been brought about in response to fringsters giving us their feedback, and as always, keep ‘em coming!” via fring.com