Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Review

“We witnessed some serious demand of touch screen phones last year. Most of the manufacturers leaned towards this market share and released their own models. It may sound strange, but until recently, the biggest manufacturer, Nokia, stood aside from the trend. During the spring however, a photo of their first touch screen phone emerged on the Internet, by the codename of Tube. All kinds of rumors about the new product had set, but the Finnish company didn’t utter a word. Later, the same phone had been spotted in the latest Batman movie, creating even more underground buzz. Nokia said that the unit has been produced exclusively for the super hero, but didn’t deny that it may become a reality. After this, word spread that the device would be announced in October and this turned out to be true. At the Nokia Remix event in London, the Finns officially presented their first Symbian S60 touch screen phone, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It finds its place in the higher-end of the manufacturer’s XpressMusic series and is offered at an affordable price, which means that it’s targeted at a wider range of customers. This information attracted many people’s attention, but this was also due to the 3.2-inch widescreen with a resolution of 640×360 pixels, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and HSDPA support. So, has the time come for the iPhone to have a worthy opponent and for Nokia to finally enter the big Touch game ? Read more here:

First look at Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

“The phone ships with a 2-inch QVGA display (240×320 pixels, 31×42 mm). This screen offers 16 million colors, along with a juicy and vibrant picture that is readable in various environments. All in all, it’s a likable display that won’t give you any trouble whatsoever. It accommodates up to 8 text and 3 service lines all written in a convenient font. Just like you’d expect, you can alter the font size in certain menus (like Messaging, where amplified fonts do much better) and reach 14 text lines as a result.” Read more here: