Hands on with HTC Touch Cruise (Iolite)

“The HTC Touch Cruise was the first Touch-branded offering to focus on navigation, which wasn’t unexpected, as it capitalized on the ideas of one of HTC’s most popular phones ever, the P3300 (Artemis), whose most touted feat was navigation. And while the Touch series offers some other GPS-enabled communicators, over at HTC they consider the Touch Cruise their true navigation-savvy solution, even though at the beginning they struggled to communicate this notion to the users (in view of a pretty poor sales package and bug-ridden software).” Read more here:

T Mobile G2 leaks on the Internet

“Images of what are said to be of T-Mobile’s alleged G2 handset have leaked. Unlike the G1, on the G2, which, as is the case with the G1, manufactured by HTC, there is no hardware keyboard (making the G2 thinner than its predecessor), for text input, so you’ll have to rely on the touchscreen for composing text messages, e-mails and the like. As of now, all that’s known, spec-wise about the G2, is that it comes equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera, possibly with an autofocus lens. Look for the G2 to hit the market sometime in May of this year.” via mobile-review.com