New HTC Touch Diamond ROM update Available

“HTC has put up a new ROM update (click here for the download instruction) for the HTC Touch Diamond generic version, which will solve some software bugs on video playback and camera. The ROM has a version number of 2.03.401.3, you could check your device info if you need an upgrade.
Here is a detail change log of the upgrade:

  • When you launch the Camera while the system is working on other programs, the preview screen may become black.
  • When playing a video, sometimes a portion of the video will be cut off a little bit.
  • Fixes Audio playback problem with the speaker. Specific issues: sometimes the music will turn off and on after 10 minutes, or there is a buzzing sound or no sound at all.
  • Fixes the problem of not being able to receive MMS when in standby mode.
  • When launching music via the Music tab on TouchFLO 3D, the sound may intermittently turn off for a second and come back on.” via