A day with the Samsung Omnia HD Hardware and First Impressions

Samsung Omnia HD hands-on

“First impressions are of how tall the Omnia HD is. It’s only 13mm thick and no wider than, for example, the Apple iPhone, but it’s quite long, mainly due to the need to fit in the huge 3.7″ capacitive, AMOLED touchscreen. So the Omnia HD has just about the biggest screen of any phone in the world, using the ‘best’ touch technology, with the brightest display system. It all adds up to something of a stunning experience. I thought the screens on my Nokia 5800 and Apple iPod Touch were pretty stunning (indoors), but both were outshone for colour and contrast by the OLED technology in the Omnia HD:” Read more here:

SBSH Calendar Touch 2.1 released a new touch for your agenda!

“SBSH Mobile Software announced today the long waited update for its best selling PIM application SBSH Calendar Touch to version 2.1! Following the growing demand for innovative Touch-oriented design, SBSH released today Calendar Touch 2.1 featuring a set of new market leading touch technologies: Touch Scrolling, Touch Tray Bar, and Full Screen Touch Menus!
Calendar Touch 2.1 Highlights
Touch Scrolling
– Scroll all different views and menus with a finger swipe
Touch Tray Bar – New bottom tray bar allowing easy navigation without the need for a stylus anymore
Full Screen Touch Menus – New full screen menu controls for quick and easy to use navigation
SBSH Calendar Touch is the ultimate time management solution for Windows Mobile Touch, providing productive tools to track and manage your agenda with the touch of your finger! Calendar views; Search Utility; Filters; Attendees notifications and much more! Calendar Touch offers the perfect personal time management solution for the professional user wrapped with market leading touch user interface! Check it here:

Samsung claims 25% of worldwide touchscreen phone market


“You know that guy, who does something pretty clever, and then can’t stop running around telling everyone who would listen how smart and good he is?Well, Samsung starts to remind me of that guy a bit.C’mon Samsung, we already know that you really like your touchscreen phones. Why else would you make more different models of them then anyone else?We heard that you’ve shipped more then 10 million of darn things, and, yes, we are aware that there already are more then 5 mil of Samsung F480’s out there.So do we really need to be reminded how good you are with your touchphones, and that you:

  • are still shipping more then 500K of F480’s a month,
  • now claim to control 25% of touchscreen phone market
  • or that your Omnia i900 (WiTu in CIS markets) has 18% of smartphone market in Germany, 17% in France and 15% in Italy

Well, OK, now that we all know how great your last year’s touchphone releases are, could you shut up and concentrate on bringing that awesome Samsung Omnia HD to the shops?” via unwiredview.com