TetherBerry For Blackberry Review at brighthand!


“There are two components: an application for your BlackBerry, and one that can be used on an unlimited number of PCs. To initiate Internet access, you launch the program on your desktop. If the BlackBerry is not connected via USB the program will prompt you; after the device is connected it will prompt you to start the TetherBerry app on the device. When running, the app displays status information (as shown at right).If you wander in and out of signal coverage, the app will not re-initiate itself but will display an error message instead.” Read more here:

Fring adds support for 6 new Nokia phones


“Fring, one of the most popular multi IM network and VoIP clients for smartphones announced support for 6 new Nokia Symbian S60-powered smartphones. The new devices that will be able to sing along Fring (once they are actually released) are:

  • Nokia N86 – Nokia’s 8 megapixel camera phone
  • Nokia 5630 – the slim gaming/music phone
  • Nokia 5730 – QWERTY keyboard-equipped music/gaming phone
  • Nokia 6710 – GPS-centric slider
  • Nokia 6720 – classic looking candy bar
  • Nokia E75 – the one with both numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard (like the 5730)

What’s with the Nokia E55 which was announced alongside the E75? That’s also a S60 smartphone. Anyway, download link remains the same – you can grab Fring from a dedicated page on their website.” via intomobile.com