Huawei announces the C8000 Windows Mobile Professional Smartphone

During this week’s CommunicAsia, Huawei showcased its C8000, one of the few Windows Mobile smartphones Huawei developed so far.While Huawei hasn’t unveiled too much yet, it’s said that the C8000 features Windows Mobile (most likely Professional but no word about the version), incorporates a 3D menu graphic user interface (GUI) and a unique independent display adapter which enables the smooth presentation of video files and DVD-quality pictures on the 2.8″ touchscreen. With optimized power management, the new handset is capable of playing video files continuously for six to eight hours.While it’s not clear which radio technology is used, Huawei said it plans to launch a series of touchscreen handsets that support WCDMA, CDMA, and TD-SCDMA standards in the second half of 2009. Furthermore it can be expected that the Huawei C8000 won’t be released under the Huawei brand but as an ODM product under a carrier brand.” via

Huawei U8230 Android phone officially launched at CommunicAsia

“It has been a minute since we’ve heard about the Huawei Android Phone that was first seen in January and most recently thought to be launching as the T-Mobile G3 sometime in Q3. While the naming conventions and timing are uncertain, Huawei has officially launched the Huawei U8230 Android Phone at CommunicAsia:That is a GREAT looking phone but unfortunately we still don’t know a ton about it (despite being official)! We can clearly see the 3.2 megapixel camera marked on the rear of the phone and we’re told the touchscreen is 3.5″ and the battery is 1500 mAh.A quote from the press release:

The Android-powered U8230 smartphone allows users to switch between full and half QWERTY keyboards and to navigate programs easily via a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. Huawei’s U8230 uses the Google Chrome Internet browser which supports a variety of Google applications such as Google Map, Google Search and Google Talk. It is also fitted with a battery which has a capacity of 1500 mAH – the longest battery capacity among Android-powered handsets currently available.

Interesting they refer to the browser as “Chrome” and I’ve seen mentions of Android’s browser being called “Chrome Lite” elsewhere but I don’t think Google themselves have made any such distinction thus far (correct me if I’m wrong).” via

LG's GW550 WinMobile Standard phone bows at CommunicAsia

LG has recently come forth and announced their latest smartphone, the GM550 (pictured above).This phone has pretty much everything you would expect from a modern smartphone: Windows Mobile 6.1, full QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera, 2.4-inch display, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and a 1300 mAh battery.Unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability but even if it hits overseas first its “global 3G” will give US users the ability to use it on virtually any carrier they choose.”via

Haier's Android handset to be out in September

“China electronics maker Haier today displayed its first Android mobile phone, the H7, at CommunicAsia 2009 held at the Singapore Expo. The H7 is probably the fourth phone we know of that is employing the Google-developed OS, besides the HTC Dream, Magic and the Samsung I7500. It is understood that the Haier phone will definitely operate on Android OS 1.5, but the company does not dispute that it will ship the handset with OS 2.0 if the firmware is available by then. As the unit displayed at the booth was just a mockup, we weren’t able to give the H7 a try to see if it’s more responsive than the HTC phones. But its specifications state that the upcoming phone has a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, GPS and a 2-megapixel camera with onboard flashlight. A representative at Haier’s booth told CNET Asia that the H7 is expected to cost about US$150, and is slated to launch in France first in September.” via