Review of GSM/UMTS handset Samsung Jet (S8000)

“Samsung wanted to come up with a touchscreen-enabled phone for the mass-market, in other words give it all the best from two worlds – smartphone-esque functionality and straightforwardness and reliability of a feature phone. Essentially, their primary goal was to conceal all uncalled-for extra features and as it can be seen today, they have coped with it very well. User interfaces will soon become the driving force in the mobile phone market and Samsung will be using the same proprietary solutions across various platforms, which is an extremely strong move that other players won’t be able to copy. In fact, over at Samsung they talked about it back in 2006, but never got to implement this approach. Today, however, everything is changing, as a new trend on the market is picking up speed – not only will they camouflage not-so-hot UIs of certain operating systems, but also ditch all default user interfaces in their future products. The Samsung Jet is the company’s first step in this direction, even though it’s based on Samsung’s proprietary OS; it’s a reference model, if you like. ” Read more here: