Review of Nokia Maps 3.0

Door to door navigation on Nokia Maps works very well. All major roads have known Sped Limits included. So if you are driving slower than max. speed limit, you current speed will be shown in green colour. Driving faster then the current speed limit, the speed will be shown in red together with a speed limit sign / warning above. After driving a some hundred metres faster then allowed, the navigation voice tells you “Observe speed limit!”.Below, driving slower / faster then current speed limit:” Read more here:

Smart Educational Games just updated for Blackberries

Smart Games

Smart Educational games is a pack of games that helps you……learn world Geography (States, Counties, Capital Cities), improves your memory, your mental awareness and your calculating speed. It is specially designed for both grown-ups and kids…
—Touchscreen UPDATE (1.3) —
* Storm special version
* Storm full screen graphics
* Storm horizontal and vertical graphics
* Storm touch screen tuned
* Minor bugs fixed.
— Non-Touchscreen UPDATE (1.3) —
* Games loads faster.
* Information added.
* Minor bugs fixed.” Check this great game here: