Croker just updated for all Blackberries

“Croker is another fun & addicting game by CrazySoft. It is based on the ‘Poker’ idea twisted into a unique and completely new kind of gaming.
Game Objective: You must make groups of cards: 2 pairs (2+2). 3 of the kind (3). Full house (3+2). 4 of the kind (4). These groups are made like in Poker. Once the groups are made the cards are replaced by new ones and points/life earned.
* Supports all latest devices.
* 16bit crystal clear graphics!
* Full screen graphics!
* Frame by frame smooth animation
* Speed control
* Roller navigator support
* Rich Sound effects (Only if device support it)
* Vibration in game (Only if device support it)
* Export Hi-Scores to internet
—Touchscreen UPDATE (1.3) —
* Storm special version
* Storm full screen graphics
* Storm horizontal and vertical graphics
* Storm touch screen tuned
* Minor bugs fixed.
— Non-Touchscreen UPDATE (1.3) —
* Games loads faster.
* Information added.
* Minor bugs fixed. Click here for more

Nokia 6760 €200 QWERTY messenger (unbranded Surge)

Nokia 6760

“Nokia today announced the Nokia 6760, it is an unbranded, enhanced version of the Nokia Surge that was announced in conjunction with AT&T last week. It is a horizontal slider with QWERTY keyboard and is a mid-tier, consumer-focussed, messaging device. The Nokia 6760 will be available from Q3 2009, at a cost of €200, before taxes and subsidies. Along with the Nokia 5530, it is one of the cheapest S60/Symbian phones released to date.The Nokia 6760 will ship a number of Nokia services, including Nokia Messaging (easy to set and use email, provides push email to consumer accounts), Ovi Maps 3 and Nokia Music services.The press release also mentions support for ‘easy access’ to social networking sites (through shortcut widgets). There’s also support for a number of instant messaging services (Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger), which will likely be supported by an addition to, or upgrade of the Nokia Messaging software solution termed Ovi Chat (possibly combined with Ovi Contacts).Nokia has previously stated its intention to roll both instant messaging functionality (phase 2) and aggregation of social networking status messages (phase 3) into the Nokia Messaging software suite.” Read more here:

BlackBerry Storm 2 in Action on Video

“So, Kevin has managed to get around that pesky software issue that stopped folks from trying out early BlackBerry Storm 2 units and given a quick video tour of the upcoming touchscreen smartphone. Yep, SurePress is still there, much to the ire of anyone already frustrated with the original Storm’s clicking screen. Wi-Fi is confirmed on the 9550 (or 9520, however Verizon decides to sort it out), and it’s packing 256 MB of application and 1.8 GB of on-board storage memory. Although it’s running OS 5.1, there still aren’t many big changes to report – it’s still very much a work in progress, as King CrackBerry reiterates time and again. Overall, Wi-Fi is good news, SurePress not so much (for some).” via