Sony Ericsson U1 (Satio) Review

Design-wise the Satio is perhaps one of Sony Ericsson’s most simple and elegant phones. Its clean front consists of a large display and only three buttons at the bottom. Two of these are for calls and the third is the menu key, which also doubles as a shortcut to the taskbar when holding it for a few seconds. There’s naturally also a front facing camera for video calls, as well as a light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen backlight. And now for one of the most awesome features – it’s got a blinking status LED, too! If you’re an avid fan of Ericsson and have been in the game since the beginning of time, you’ll most probably love the status LED that blinks in different colours depending on the status of the phone, i.e. when the battery is low (blinking red), you’ve got unread messages or you’ve missed a call (blinking green). It’ll also let you know when it’s charging (solid red) and when it’s fully charged (solid green).” Read this looong review here: