Motorola MILESTONE Review

You´ve probably noticed that Motorola has not been doing great in financial terms lately, registered record-breaking losses and has been slowly, but steadily, losing ground on the cell phone market and the major winners that cashed in on the weakness of the former leader turned out to be Samsung and LG. The company decided to cast its lot in with Android, the young operating system that is picking up speed as we speak and gaining popularity incredibly rapidly.
By the time of the current review, Motorola has released two handsets utilizing the open source platform developed by Google and they are known under different names depending on the particular region – the first is the Motorola DEXT called the CLIQ in the US. Today we are reviewing the second and more famous handset of the duo, the Motorola MILESTONE. Its CDMA version, the DROID, has already rolled out in the US through Verizon and caused an incredible stir, an outburst of zealous interest that is best described as furore.” Read more here:

Palm webOS 1.3.5 Released, Full Changelog Now Online

Further to this morning’s news, webOS 1.3.5 is now officially available for Sprint Palm users and the full changelog has been posted on Palm’s support pages (Pixi here, Pre here). No GSM or Bell love yet, so far as your correspondent can discern. Thanks to Palm’s use of a new compression method, it weighs in at a tiny 13mb and now has a new “unpacking” step when installing.
The most interesting fixes? Posted after the break, along with the Pre changelog.

  • The ridiculous app storage limit has been killed dead – apps are now stored on the USB drive.
  • You can now download multiple aplications simultaneously from the App Catalog, and are not confined to the app listing while you wait for it to download.
  • The bizarro Messaging bug – where deleting an entire conversation at once would result in any future conversations with that contact disappearing forever from the main view of messaging like an out-of-phase Starfleet officer /gratuitous Trek reference – has been corrected.” Read more here: