New Sony Ericsson Android Handset named Robyn

“Sony Ericsson’s first Android handset, the X10, isn’t even out in the shops yet, but already their next Android device has leaked. The new device, codenamed Robyn, looks very similar to the X10, but appears to be more a budget option. The handset is a good bit smaller than it’s sibling and doesn’t feature the premium XPERIA branding. The fact that it comes in various colours only adds to the image of a budget device aimed at the mass market. In terms of specifications it packs in a 5 MP camera, 2.6″ touchscreen, HSPA and WiFi. An announcement is expected during MWC in February.” via

Classic PalmOS Emulator Coming To Palm Pixi

As inevitably as the setting sun, MotionApps have posted some screenshots on Facebook of the official PalmOS emulator for webOS, Classic, running on the Palm Pixi. Notably, the virtual hard button onscreen interface has been totally revamped in order to better fit on the Pixi’s smaller (320 x 400, vs 320 x 480 on the Pre) display. Rather than ape the vintage look of a PalmOS device, the Pixi version of Classic instead places the Home/Contacts/Calendar/Menu buttons into a webOS-style “capsule”, with an option to swap them out for the 5-way navigator buttons.” via

The Nokia N86 gets v21 (minor) firmware update

“The Nokia N86 8MP just got a minor update to v21 firmware. Version 21.006 replaces v20.115 and is, unashamedly, a maintenance release, improving performance further and fixing a number of minor bugs. We might have to wait for an official changelog for this one, but please comment if you can add a specific observation. v21 is 700kb and is now available via Nokia Software Update and over the air on the phone itself in most regions. There’s full User Data Preservation, but back up to memory card, just in case? A further update introducing new functionality was originally planned but we don’t know the latest status of this.” via