Minor update for the Samsung Moment requires a visit to a Sprint store

“You’ve got to love whenever an update is made available to your handset – whether it’s a minor or major one; just the comfort of doing from home is convenient for you. Actually, an update for the Samsung Moment for Sprint is ready for installation – but it’s going to require more than you clicking on a couple of windows on your computer to get it. Sprint has just announced a “maintenance update” for the Moment – although it doesn’t bring it up to the level of the Nexus One, it does provide some much needed tweaks to improve the handset. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take a stroll to your local Sprint stores in order to get the update. Sure it’ll require you to do some traveling, but the update will improve battery life, provide new updates to several third-party apps, and other fixes. If traveling isn’t your kind of thing, you may be waiting an unspecified amount of time before it’ll be available from home. Sprint says “The ability to download the update directly on your Moment will be available in the near future.” via phonearena.com

Official HTC capacitive stylus for HD2 now shipping

HTC’s HD2 is probably one of the few, if any, Windows Mobile 6.5 devices sporting a capacitive touchscreen. So what does that mean for the stylus fans? Generally it means you’re out of luck, since taking a toothpick or pen and poking your screen isn’t going to work, and touching the screen while using normal mittens are out of the picture too. Now it seems that there is a solution, which is the official HTC capacitive stylus for the HTC HD2. Such an item was previously mentioned, but was out of stock for the longest time. Now, as long as you’re willing to part with a whole £17 ($28) for a capacitive stylus, you’re good to go! The only downside is that you don’t have any space to store this item in the HTC HD2 itself, so you’ll need to take extra care of your expensive stylus.” via ubergizmo.com

Sony Ericsson Market Share Rises 2% in UK

All too frequently of late whenever you see Sony Ericsson mentioned in a blog post it’s not good news. Well here’s us bucking that trend! Sony Ericsson have announced that their market share in the UK is up 2% thanks to Satio. The handset had been pulled from sale by Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U, the country’s two largest handset retailers and it didn;t look good for the handsets (or for Sony Ericsson). However, Sony Ericsson soon had the handset back on sale and the short absence doesn’t seem to have diminished customer’s appetite for 12 MP goodness. Richard Dorman, SE senior marketing manager for the UK, summed it up “Since the Satio was reintroduced back into Carphone and Phones 4U, it has sold in very good volumes. According to GfK statistics, we’ve seen an increase in share of our contract business by a couple of percentage points since the Satio went back on sale”. He went ont o talk about the disappointment of not seeing the X2 go on sale in the UK after Vodafone, the handset’s exclusive network, dropped it. Mr Dorman played the matter down saying that the X2 was never going to be a big deal in the UK so it wouldn’t impact the company to a great extent in its operations there.” via mobile-review.com