The Fairest Fight: Samsung i8910 HD vs Google Nexus One

Nexus One vs Samsung i8910 HD

“When launched in early 2009, the Samsung i8910 HD (a.k.a. Omnia HD in some markets) had eye-watering specifications, certainly ahead of anything else in the Symbian world and, arguably, ahead of anything in the world in general. Bit by bit the wider market is embracing the same technology though, with Google’s new Nexus One offering an almost identical specification and form factor. Which can only mean one thing: – time to get them both in-house, photographed and tested, head to head.” Read more here:

Nokia X6 review: Going up the ladder

“In the world of Nokia it’s all about evolution, rather than revolution. So don’t expect the specs on the X6 to blow your mind. The handset is the next logical step for the market leader scrambling to make up for a late start in touchscreens. To be honest, the Symbian touchscreen OS has been struggling to catch up with the standard setters in terms of user experience. And the X6 claims to have the answer: the responsiveness only a capacitive screen can bring. The Nokia X6 is also the first XpressMusic handset to head straight for the high-end. Midrange is the highest the music Finns have gone so we are interested to see how this change of approach works. Nokia have always had a strong appeal to the masses, but pleasing the selected few is undoubtedly harder.” Read more here: