iPhone OS 3.1.3 update available now

“There’s nothing like a minor point-update to the iPhone OS to play with our emotions, and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) really knows how to play that game. The iPhone maker has rolled out iPhone OS 3.1.3 as what we’re hoping is the last minor update before we see iPhone OS 3.2, or even iPhone OS 4.0, rolling out of Cupertino. This new iPhone update is reportedly more accurate when it comes to battery level reporting, fixes issues with the Japanese keyboard, and helps certain third-party apps launch in some situations.It’s not version 3.2, but there’s a little stopgap out now for iPhone and iPod touch owners in the form of OS 3.1.3. According to the changelog, we can expect better battery level reporting and fixes for problems with the Japanese Kana keyboard and some mysterious issues where third-party apps would fail to launch. Sounds good to us! It’s not exactly what we wanted, but Apple knows it’ll keep us satisfied for now. Apple released a software update for the iPhone and iPod touch—not 3.2, but the OS 3.1.3 update which supposedly patches up a couple of security flaws. Apple has upgraded the iPhone and iPod Touch software to version 3.1.3 which includes the following changes:

  • Improved accuracy of reported battery level on the iPhone 3GS
  • Resolves issue where third-party apps would not launch in some cases
  • Fixes a bug which may cause an app to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard.

The software update is compatible with all versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch and is available now through iTunes” via dailyworldbuzz.com

Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch

Google Nexus One

You read that right, folks. The update to Google’s Nexus One that we thought would just be a basic 3G fix instead has been loaded with other goodies, including:

  • Google Googles will now be baked into the ROM.
  • Google Maps is being updated to sync starred items and search suggestions with the desktop version, and it automatically switches to night mode in Navigation to make it easier to read.
  • The aforementioned 3G fix.
  • And pinch-to-zoom. (Squee!) Yes, multitouch in the browser, gallery and maps.

Keep an eye on your notifications bar, which is where you’ll be alerted that the update is ready for you. Google says it will be rolled out gradually (sorry, that’s just the way it is), and that you might not get the update until the end of the week. Let us know if and when you get it! [Google]” via androidcentral.com

Microsoft Updates Windows Mobile with Multi Touch Support

Windows Mobile   6.5.3

“Microsoft has officially announced a new version of Windows Mobile that adds support for capacitive touchscreens and multi-touch, as well as a number of other tweaks. It is not the more significant revamp of this OS expected to be unveiled later this month.Windows Mobile 6.5.3Capacitive touchscreens — which are operating with a fingertip instead of a stylus — have become nearly standard on smartphones. Microsoft created its OS to be used with resistive touchscreens and a stylus, but Windows Mobile 6.5.3 changes that.This new version has an updated user interface with larger buttons and controls that make it easier to use with a fingertip. In addition, it includes a new magnifier, which lets users enlarge the small buttons on third-party apps that haven’t been redesigned for capacitive displays.Microsoft says that multi-touch support has also been added, but doesn’t say what gestures have been included.
Enhanced Start Menu, Faster Browser, Etc.
Windows Mobile 6.5.3 also brings improvements to Internet Explorer Mobile. Microsoft is promising quicker page loads, and that this browser offers better performance when zooming and rotating pages, as well as when scrolling pages. In addition, the Start menu now allows users to re-arrange the icons with drag-and-drop (shown here). Previously this menu — the main application launcher for this OS — had very limited tools for re-arranging icons.Microsoft has also simplified the set-up process for phones running this new version.
Coming Next Quarter?
The first smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 has been announced, the Sony Ericsson Aspen. This model is expected to reach the market in the second quarter of this year. It’s not yet known when updates to this new version will be released for current models. The timing for this will be up to the manufacturer of each device.via brighthand.com

NesEm NES Emulator Released for webOS

“A day after posting about a gameboy emulator, today brings word of a new Nintendo NES emulator for webOS. Kalemsoft, has ported over its NesEm emulator, first developed for Palm OS.
NesEm is said to currently run over 300 original NES games. It supports four channel sound, game saving, automatic speed adjustment, key config control and anti-aliased image smoothing.
NesEm is currently available in demo form via PreWare or the developers site. It is closed source and costs $9.99 for a license. The demo is restricted to rooms under 40k and has a time limit.” Check it here: via palminfocenter.com

Not to be left out, the N97 mini gets updated too with v11.0.045

“Not to be left out, the Nokia N97 mini also got a firmware update today, with very similar content to its bigger brother. Version 11.0.045 is only (so far) available via NSU as a 160MB download. Comments welcome if you can add to the changelog/overview below. (Hat-tip to CJ for persevering with that update button long after I’d given up). Note that there’s full User Data Preservation (though a backup is still recommended for your data) and, because the N97 mini isn’t ‘challenged’ for space on disk C:, you won’t need to jump through hoops to hard reset first and rebuild, just to conserve free space….
What’s new for v11.0.045

The software contains many fixes and improvements over v10 firmware including:

  • More free RAM after booting (around 6MB more)
  • Improved call reliability
  • Browser improvements
  • Music player improvements
  • Improved image and video stability


  • After removing the Facebook and AccuWeather homescreen widgets, the N97 mini now boots up with around 55MB of RAM free
  • Curiously, Ovi Maps 3.3 (free) isn’t in the firmware, though of course, it’s an easy add-on from ‘Software update’ on the device, from maps.nokia.com or from the Ovi Store.” via allaboutsymbian.com

Sony Ericsson Announces the Aspen with Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Latest addition to GreenHeart™ portfolio now allows consumers and companies to make a green choice on their Windows Phone
Office at your fingertips with the latest version of Windows Phone
Maximised message experience with QWERTY keyboard and finger friendly touch
Have fun with Media Browser and PlayNow™
Today sees the announcement of Sony Ericsson Aspen™, the business mobile phone with green credentials at its core. The newest edition to the successful Sony Ericsson GreenHeart™ portfolio, Sony Ericsson Aspen™, allows easy multi-tasking combining the touch experience and a real QWERTY keyboard. Organise and adapt panels to change during the day and use Slide View for quick access to common features. With Sony Ericsson Aspen™, view and edit office files easily and comfortably with one touch operation, or just access the internet in one click. The QWERTY keyboard is made for fast and easy typing. Simple email set up allows for a maximized messaging experience on the go. Secure the phone’s contents through the Microsoft MyPhone service, which remotely erases phone data when the handset is lost or stolen. “Sony Ericsson Aspen™ is the business phone with a conscience, perfect for any consumer or company who want to make a green choice in their daily work life.” Said Quentin Cordier, Global Marketing Manager, Sony Ericsson. “An affordable GreenHeart™ phone with the latest version of Windows Phone, the Sony Ericsson Aspen™ has a rich user interface and powerful productivity tools. But it’s not all about work, stay in touch with the fun parts of life with Media Browser and PlayNow ™, with simple access to social networks and quick and easy access to media files. Find the fun with a-GPS, Google Maps™ and snap pictures with the 3.2megapixel camera.”

Sony Ericsson Aspen™

  • Modern office at your fingertips – latest version of Windows Phone
  • Easy multi-tasking – Sony Ericsson Slide View and customisable panels
  • Maximised message experience – QWERTY keyboard and finger friendly touch experience
  • GreenHeart™ – for a greener choice
  • Stay in touch with the fun parts of life – access fun applications at PlayNow™ such as games and new music
  • Media browser – access music, photos and videos
  • Social network tool (Windows Live™ Messenger, Facebook™)
  • Human curvature design – fits into the palm of the hand

Sony Ericsson Aspen™ supports HSPA 900/2100 and EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, HSPA 850/900/2100 and EDGE 850/900/1800/1900.

Sony Ericsson Aspen™ will be available in selected markets from Q2 in the colours Iconic Black and White Silver.

Create your own phone booth with optional extra Bluetooth™ Noise Shield Handsfree VH700 and charge your phone the eco-friendly way with the Energy Saving Mini-Charger EP800.

Log on to The Sony Ericsson Product Blog for more information: http://blogs.sonyericsson.com/products

Sony Ericsson Aspen™


  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Multishot
  • Self timer
  • Smart contrast


  • Album art
  • Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
  • Equalizer
  • Sony Ericsson media player
  • Music tones (MP3/AAC)
  • PlayNow™
  • Stereo speakers
  • Windows Media® Player Mobile


  • Bookmarks
  • Google™ search
  • Internet Explorer® Mobile
  • Pan & zoom
  • Web feeds


  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Vibrating alert


  • Email
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Instant messaging
  • Picture messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text input
  • Text messaging (SMS)


  • Auto rotate
  • Media browser
  • Picture wallpaper
  • Full keyboard
  • Touchscreen
  • Wallpaper animation
  • Windows Phone®


  • 3D games
  • Facebook™
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Java™
  • Skype™
  • Video streaming
  • Video viewing
  • YouTube™


  • Adobe® PDF Reader
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Flight mode
  • Microsoft Office® Mobile
  • Notes
  • Outlook® Mobile
  • Phone book
  • Stopwatch
  • Tasks


  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • A-GPS
  • Bluetooth™ technology
  • Google Maps™
  • Micro USB connector
  • Modem
  • Synchronisation
  • USB mass storage support
  • USB support
  • Wi-Fi™

Applications and panels

  • SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 (Professional)
  • SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 (Lifestyle)
  • SEMC Greenheart Panel
  • Microsoft Today
  • Facebook™
  • Panel Manager
  • SlideView
  • Google Maps Latitude
  • Google Mobile Application
  • Send My Location
  • Unified Search Application
  • SPB Traveler and Weather combo
  • Skype
  • YouTube™ panel
  • Communication City/Day
  • Communication City/Night
  • CNN
  • On-The-Road Panel
  • Windows® Live
  • Twitter
  • Gokivo Weather Panel
  • Eco mate application

GreenHeart™ indentity

  • GreenHeart™ panel
  • Power saving mode
  • Eco mate application
  • E-manual
  • Waterborne painting
  • Recycle materials (Green charger, Green PHF, Green Box.


  • 65,536 colour TFT
  • 2.4 inches
  • 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)


  • In-Box:
  • Sony Ericsson Aspen™
  • Battery
  • Green charger
  • HPM-60J GreenHeart™ Stereo portable handsfree
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Micro USB cable
  • E-manual
  • Optional:
  • Bluetooth™ Noise Shield Handsfree VH700
  • Dual connect charger
  • 4GB MicroSD card
  • Car charger


  • Size: 117 x 60 x 12.45 mm
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • Memory card support: SanDisk microSD™, up to 16 GB
  • Operating system: Windows Mobile® 6.5.3
  • Talk time GSM/GPRS: Up to 10 hours
  • Standby time: GSM/GPRS: Up to 450hrs
  • Talk time UMTS: Up to 8 hours
  • Standby time: UMTS: Up to 600 hrsMusic listening time: Up to 12hrs

Availability and versions

  • Networks
  • UMTS HSPA 900/2100
  • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • UMTS HSPA 850/900/2100
  • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Available in selected markets in Q2 2010