The first review of CrazySoft’s new game Trigna. Try it, its great!

Beware our fellow readers; has got for you the first exclusive review of Trigna from CrazySoft folks. Let’s start from the beginning: What the heck ‘Trigna’ means? The developers say this comes from the Greek word ‘Trigona’ (yes… without the ‘o’) which in the first place means ‘triangles’. I can verify that this is the case in this game, it’s all about triangles.

To start with: I have tested this game in my Nokia N97 mini.

What is it about?
I’m sure that you are thinking: “Another clone like puzzle game”, admit it! I was thinking the same think before I tried it. I can honestly say that I was surprised; the game idea is something completely new (It seems easy but I have never seen this kind of game anywhere else). You will have to make triangles by clicking 3 dots of the same color. You are given some seconds only to make as many different triangles as possible before these are counted and you rewarded or doomed. It sounds easy and lame e? No… I spend all this weekend testing this game and after all this time I continue to play like a maniac. Crazysoft (developer) team has really found something new, original and addicting… hooray to them…


Graphics – Music:
The trigna character (a walking triangle) at the top is hilarious! I found myself losing games because I couldn’t help it looking at the funny stuff this guy did and lost my focus from the game. His moves are endless, I saw him: get angry (with different poses), lough, make fun of you, walk, get bored, smile, worry, knock the screen of your phone etc… But by far his best moves are when he is dancing… Yes, he dances! When you are doing great and your life gets full he starts to dance, then as your life gets up he dances faster and faster… you have to see this… its hilarious, his moves are from sirtaki (see: zorbas the greek), pop-rock-folk-rave style and the music song is really good! If your triangles are good shaped he does Russian sits, J and if you are doing big triangles you see him jump and roll over, and if your triangles are ‘right’ (90 degrees angle) he claps his hand with the foot… nice stuff…. This definitely cheered me up.


To sum up: make triangles of pins with the same color. 3 pins in the same line is not a triangle. Same triangles cannot be done twice. If pins have numbers on them then you can use them as many times as the numbers say and then they get deactivated. Sometimes presents appear like fruits, money, dancing icon, extra time and you must move fast to get them. As the game moves on the checkpoints at the end of each round gets harder and harder so you must make triangles really fast. Sometimes ‘color mode’ appears where a triangle color is shown at the top and you must do this color next or else you lose life. This mode stays only for one round. (it’s really annoying and hard…). Also don’t forget that the game is translated into 7 languages for all you that have difficulties with English.

Important info:

After a while when you become familiar with it and find the triangles fast you will find yourself with a lot of spare time until each round ends, to save you from waiting until all the time runs out you can simply click the trigna character and the round ends immediately.


Color blind players:
A big congratulations to the Developer team for adding a special choice in the options for color blind players. If you have any color difficulty you can enable it and then the pins change to shaped like pins which can be recognized easily by anyone.

Hidden feature:
Every respectable game has some things hidden from the regular ‘eye’ and available only to those who see the ’matrix code’. To enable 2 more ways of the trigna character to die in the game over sequence do the following: In the main screen click the trigna logo, you will see the about screen. Then click on the characters nose (yes I know, he has no nose but pretend that he does have…). To know that it worked you should see the character wear a clown nose and glasses! J Then you will see trigna being hanged or kill himself with a samurai sword.

Our verdict:
Congratulations to the CrazySoft team for a fantastic original game. I can’t be mistaken because I am stuck on my phone since I started playing and I can’t help it! I believe we have something great here guys; maybe a ‘trigna’ mania is rising…