Samsung Wave S8500 Preview

“Life has come from the water. That’s where everything has begun for us, so water seems to be a pretty natural place for Samsung to start a new beginning. Samsung has created a new mobile operating system to compete with the other big players on the smartphone market. Will it succeed? We don’t know that yet, but we are dying to see what will become of the new bada OS, and how it will evolve with time. In Korean, “bada” means ocean, and the Samsung Wave S8500 is the first smartphone that will take you on a journey to bada’s depths. We sincerely hope that’s a place where beautiful and friendly creatures live and shine in a plethora of colors to create an immersive atmosphere. Still, we are not striking off the list the option of bada being a place where carnivorous sharks are swimming around you in a circle, anticipating your one wrong move so they can have a little snack. But we guess that all depends on Samsung’s devotion to create a rich platform and not just do a marketing trick by providing a “smartphone for everyone”.” Read more here: