Android Based Alex eReader Can Now Be Preordered

Alex  eReader

“Book worms can now preorder the Alex eReader from Spring Design, the latest e-reading device competing with the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook in an increasingly crowded eReader space. The Alex is a dual-screen Google Android-based model that offers web browsing as well as ebook reading.The Alex will feature a 6-inch display coupled with a 3.5-inch Android-powered LCD touchscreen, receiving its titles from Google Books over Wi-Fi.The device will support EPUB, PDF, HTML, TXT formats and the LCD touch-screen will support a full Web browser, allowing users to check email, watch videos, and access a number of Android applications.The dual screen also offers a novel feature called LinkNotes. With it, authors can insert hyperlinks into texts that will launch in the Alex’s LCD screen, including multi-media and Web-based content. Users will be able to access the Web over cellular-wireless networks.”By combining a full multimedia browser with the efficiency and flexibility of an EPD screen supported by our open Android-based Alex eReader, we have truly placed a powerful tool in the hands of authors, publishers, professors, and institutions to create interesting interactive eBooks” said Dr. Priscilla Lu, CEO of Spring Design.The Alex eReader will ship with a 2 GB microSD card and is going to have an expansion slot supporting cards up to 32 GB. It will also sport a USB 2.0 port and comes with headphones, AC/USB power connector and a padded cover.The device will weigh 11 ounces and measure 4.7-inches wide and 8.9-inches high.”With its Android-based software, dual-screen display and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Alex eReader closely resembles the $260 Barnes & Noble nook — so closely that Spring Design filed a trade secret lawsuit against the bookseller last November claiming the two companies had previously discussed eReader designs in closed-door meetings and under a non-disclosure agreement.Spring Design then attempted to head off the Nook announcement by unveiling the Alex eReader just days before the launch of Barnes & Noble’s eReader.The Alex eReader can be pre-ordered now on the Spring Design website for $400.It is expected to ship April 14 according to its manufacturer.” via