HTC Desire review A desire come true

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” If you’ve seen the Google Nexus One, you’ve seen the HTC Desire. End of story. We liked the Nexus One so be our guest, HTC Desire. But is it all that simple? HTC are so good they build phones for the competition. HTC are so mean they have no issues competing with their own clients. And is it us or are the clients ultimately left with a rather disturbing question: do HTC work for us or do we work for them? Go ask Sony Ericsson and Google. It doesn’t quite make sense to go as far back as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and the HTC Touch Pro. Today’s story is about another couple of twins. And because the children are nearly identical, we’ll try to see what it’s like being mom’s favorite or dad’s.” Read more here:

HTC HD mini Review at phonearena!

“At this year’s MWC, HTC, the premier Windows Mobile phone manufacturer, officially announced what’s maybe one of the last smartphones to run the condemned Windows Mobile 6.x.x OS – the HTC HD mini. As the HD mini arrives at this world during what’s probably the last days of the Windows Mobile platform as we knew it, we can’t help but wonder if it’s gotten the guts to face the plethora of Android phones that are flooding the market right now from literally every direction. Still, HTC wouldn’t have been such a name today if wasn’t making quality products that the users enjoy.” Read more here: