HP Buys Palm in Definitive Agreement Costing $1.2 Billion

“Well, wow. Here we go, folks. It was just inevitable, apparently. Even if other companies were dropping away from the deal, it seems that one company (not Lenovo) stuck it out through to the end. And, just . . . Wow. Here’s the deal: HP has bought Palm. The deal has equaled $1.2 billion, or $5.70 per share within the common stock. The deal is just in its infancy, so to speak, but it’s set to close by July 31st.That date should be interesting to note, because it’s the end of HP’s third fiscal quarter, and should mark a “starting point” for the rest of the year, as the months progress. At the end of the press release, in perhaps not so much as “definitive terms,” it clearly notes that Jon Rubinestein is expected to remain with the company. And, we hope that’s the case, because the man behind webOS should be allowed to see it to the end. The details are still coming, so for now, read the press release and take it all in. There’s a press call at 5PM ET, and hopefully some more details will get out. And if they do, we’ll bring them your way. Press release here:

Nokia 5230 updated to v20.0.005

5230 Updating

“The touch screen budget smartphone that is the Nokia 5230 has had a major bump in firmware, from v12 to v20. Adding in new applications, updating others, and bringing kinetic scrolling to the main menu, it shows that while the price of the unit is low, it’s getting the same support as more popular and expensive Nokia smartphones.As is usual with these firmware updates, they do take some time to percolate around the world, and the All About Symbian unit seems to have been at the end of the queue. Given we like to see the new firmware before posting, that’s the little delay.So what do we have new in v20? The 5230 was already pretty stable, but the under the hood changes have added more stability to they system, and the time required for the opening and closing of applications has been improved.The Ovi Sync application icon has been added to the desktop, and the music player has been improved. Kinetic scrolling has been added to the main menu UI, and the GPS code has allowed for a faster fix on your location.
while the 5230 has User data Preservation and you should have all your data, information and applications still on the phone after the firmware update, there is always a danger to your data, and we recommend you back up your phone before starting the procedure, be it through the online update service, or the Over the Air facility.” via allaboutsymbian.com

First Nokia N8 Sample Video is Amazing

“If mobile phone’s camera is your first priority, Nokia N8 is definitely worth a look when it is available in next few months (Q3 2010). The 12 megapixel camera module is capable of recording 720p HD video, comes with Xenon flash and optimized auto focusing. A 720p sample video is released by Nokia based on a prototype. Its quality is one of the best among the camera phones available now. Original source is also available for download in mp4 format.” Read more here: