Sony Ericsson Aspen Review

“When I first saw the image above I was somewhat excited by the prospect of trying this phone, but it would safe to say that the photographer has done a brilliant job of making it look better than in real life. It’s certainly not ugly, but in black looks like almost every other front keyboarded device on the market. I hate to say this, but there is a touch of ‘i-mate’ in the design of the front.” Read more here:

HTC Wildfire Gets the Hands On Treatment

“Are you a fan of entry-level handsets? How about entry-level handsets that are only entry-level because of their price tag? Yeah, we figured you were. Especially when the device in question is an Android 2.1-based handset, running HTC’s immensely popular Sense User Interface. Well, we’d love to introduce you to the HTC Wildfire. She’s new to the block, but obviously she gets her looks from some other already released devices.The Wildfire looks like a cross between the HTC Smart and Desire, and we’ll be one of the first to say that that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. Specifications go something like this: a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, Bluetooth, WiFi b/g, GPS, with the standard swath of European wireless carrier UMTS/WCDMA for all that data you’ll be consuming on the Wildfire. There’s a MicroSD card slot, too, which should help on the memory department. You’ll get a 528MHz processor, which is similar to the HTC Hero of yester-year.There’s a software feature called “Application Sharing.” Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the feature itself isn’t as great as the name implies. All it does is show other Android-based users out there which applications you’re enjoying on your handset. If you want to share your app through a link through email, Twitter, SMS, you can do that. Your friends will see the link, and be able to access the Android Marketplace right then and there to see what all the fuss is about.There’s no word on pricing quite yet, but HTC made it clear that the Wildfire should hit shelves in Europe some time in the third quarter of this year. So, obviously, we probably don’t have all that long to wait before some of the wireless carriers in that neck of the woods come clean on their pricing. You’ll be able to choose from black, white, brown, and red when the time comes.” More here: