Acer Stream GSM UMTS Smartphone Preliminary Review

For Acer, this is an important step as the company has made its first attempt to present an Android device with its own interface: while Liquid and Liquid E had minimum extra software features, Stream boasts a brand new Acer interface that looks like no others (Sense, TouchWiz). From the hardware point of view, it is a Snapdragon smartphone with typical flagship characteristics (sounds like oxymoron, right?). Let’s have a closer look at it.” Read more here:

Nokia 5530 receives v30 firmware update

NSU  with 5530 v30

“A firmware update to the Nokia 5530 is now available. Going from v20 to v30 includes some additional applications, performance improvements, and most significantly, universal kinetic scrolling and S60’s latest version of Web. Full details below.The firmware update is available through Nokia Software Updater and over-the-air direct to the handset. Nokia like to keep us all on our toes by not publishing changelogs for firmware updates, so here is a summary of the apparent changes.

  • Universal kinetic scrolling
  • Web
    • Upgraded to version 7.2.3
    • Defaults to full screen
    • Kinetic scrolling
  • Music
    • Cosmetic updates to icons
  • New applications
    • Ovi Sync
    • Shazam
  • RAM optimisation