Nokia’s Ovi Maps Updated for Location Aware Hotel Booking

“Do you like to travel? Are you fond of traveling to places you’ve never been to? If you’ve done it a few times, then you have probably run into a couple hotel-related situations throughout your travels. Whether you’ve been unable to find them, or book them once you did find them, sometimes you just wish you had an easier way to get it all done from one spot. Well, now you do, if you’ve got a Nokia device that can run Ovi Maps. The new feature, which was implemented today thanks to an update to Maps. It’s a location-aware booking feature, which gives users the ability to search for hotels around them, and if the hotel allows it, to book a room right then and there. Thanks to Expedia, Nokia can bring this hotel-room-booking feature to Ovi Maps in the United States and United Kingdom. (The feature is already supported in Germany and Finland.) Unfortunately, you’ll have to have one of the following devices to be running Ovi Maps v3.04, so pay close attention: Nokia E72, Nokia E55, Nokia E52, Nokia N97 mini Gold Edition, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N97, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia X6 32GB, Nokia X6 16GB, Nokia C5, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6720 classic, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia 5235 Comes With Music and Nokia 5230. We wouldn’t want you to head out without this feature, just because your device doesn’t support it.” via

Symbian flagships vs the Apple iPhone 4 and HTC Desire

Symbian's 3 flagships

“With the imminent arrival of both the Apple iPhone 4 and the Symbian-powered Nokia N8, I thought it high time to pitch the two head to head. In fact, while doing so, why not widen the comparison to include the other non-Nokia Symbian flagships, the Sony Ericsson Satio and Samsung i8910 HD, both of which have similar specifications, plus throw in the Android flagship (in the UK) as well – the HTC Desire? The result is hopefully a comprehensive cross-section of the top end smartphones of 2010.” Read more here:

SPB Mobile Shell or How to Transform the S60 Interface for Touchscreen Phones

“SPB Software traditionally offers SPB Shell for Windows Mobile devices and the version for S60 5th Edition (touchscreen models from Nokia and other manufacturers) was released without high expectations, but not by chance either. The first weeks after the software became available emphasized an immense demand. The customers would like to change their Nokia interfaces and prefer something nicer. Without any alternatives they can have only SPB Mobile Shell. As its name suggests this shell can be installed on your phone to replace the standard home screen, add new interface functions and improve its looks. The software costs $30, which is not minimal, but if you want to change your phone you will have to pay completely different sums, while SPB Mobile Shell provides your old phone with the new interface, which is more attractive and has more features. This shell can be compared to HTC Sense, MotoBLUR and other similar applications. The only difference is that it was created outside Nokia, but is offered for its models.” Read more here:

Gigabyte GSmart S1205 review. A smart duo

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Dual-SIM smartphones are hard to get by. The Gigabyte GSmart S1205 is a fresh addition to that scarce product line, but doesn’t take its unique selling point as a license to empty your wallet. A well built phone, the GSmart is sturdy as a work horse – and probably as good looking. But that’s not the point – at this price you won’t look it in the mouth. It’s a straight deal: a dual SIM PocketPC within budget. The home-brewed Smart Pack user interface on top of the Windows Mobile 6.5 is the only bonus feature.” Read more here: