Blackberry Storm 3 Specs Leak

“An interesting leak has appeared for all those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Blackberry Storm 3. Some bright spark managed to sneak a picture of the specs during a RIM training session so we now have a good idea of what the handset will be capable of. It’s looking pretty good actually, here’s what we know so far:

  • Blackberry OS 6
  • Webkit browser
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5 MP camera
  • WiFi
  • Support for using the handset as a 3G hotspot

Maddeningly the picture isn’t complete because some chap in front of the cameraman got his head in the way and blocked out the part revealing when the Storm 3 would be launched! What can be made out is “ember” so presumably the Storm 3 is going to be available sometime in the last part of the year, just not October.” via

New Motorola Droid X Getting Its First Update

“The newly release Motorola Droid X will get its first software update over-the-air from Verizon Wireless. According to its support site, you will get the update notification automatically when it is available. It includes several improvements and also added Kindle / My Verizon applications.
Droid X change log (Version.1.13.604.MB810. Verizon.en.US/Baseband: BP_C01.09.04P)
+ Improved battery charging status indicator.
+ Smoother transition for camera and camcorder functions.
+ Redesign of weather widget icons.
+ Faster Exchange ActiveSync® email loading.
+ Streamlined organization of newly downloaded applications.
+ Organized favorite contacts by call count.
+ Updated Bluetooth® connection for enhanced video sharing experience.
+ Coordinated date and time across phone displays.
+ Cleaner looking status bar for GPS symbol.
+ Improved sync capabilities for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
+ Faster Visual Voice Mail loading.
+ Take advantage of the enhanced, preloaded My Verizon application.
+ Preloaded Amazon Kindle® application lets you read Kindle books on
your Android™ phone, including thousands of free books.” via