Nokia N9 Prototype Leaked Out with MeeGo?

“With the current smartphone battle focus on Android and iPhone OS, will Nokia able to make a boost with its new MeeGo? A prototype called Nokia N9 has been leaked on the wild today. It comes in full metallic body, slide out QWERTY keyboard and a full touch screen. According to the post on, Nokia is planning to announce / release the phone by week 48 this year. As the leaked prototype is not completely same as the latest drawing, there should be some changes on the final production model.” More photos here:

Preliminary Review of Samsung Wave 525 (S5250) GSM Phone

“Even without Wave 525 Samsung has enough of entry level touchscreen models. Take the latest Corby 3G or its predecessors. The emergence of Bada shifts the priorities of the Korean manufacturer. Samsung will gradually move from proprietary systems to Bada. It means that Samsung Wave and Wave 525 together with several unannounced models are just first in the line and as Bada matures they will be complemented by an array of other devices on this Samsung signature platform. Wave 525 will be followed by its version with the keypad under the name of Wave 2 Pro (S5330). Both models will compete in the niche of entry level touchscreen phones, while the current Samsung solutions will move down. Among rival models we have touchscreen phones from Nokia and SE. The introduction of new devices in the Wave series shows that Bada is important for the company and the correspondent models will be aimed at the mass market. Wave 2 will be the prime example of the trend.” Read more here: