HTC Aria review: The little tenor

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The front has changed a bit – mostly the keys and the fresh addition of an optical trackpad. The signature screws on the back are here again – they serve both a decorative and a practical purpose, not to mention they make the HTC Aria look tough and rugged. Other than that, the HTC Aria promises the same solid user experience as the other HTC droids with Sense UI. It comes with a great software package out of the box (Office document viewer, social networking apps) so we don’t anticipate any problems on that score.The HTC Android genealogy is getting quite tangled up – the Legend is Hero’s successor and the Wildfire is a bite-sized Desire, with the HTC Aria sitting somewhere in-between those two.The devil’s in the details though. Its specs are very close to both the Wildfire and the Legend, so it’s going to be the minor differences that decide which one you get. So, pay attention as we open up the box and examine the hardware of the Aria.” Read more here: