Seesmic App For Win Phone 7 … Looking Good!

“Seesmic have been showing off their app for Windows Phone 7 and it is looking pretty damned nice we must say. If this is the sort of standard we can expect from apps on Winows Phone 7, at least as far as aesthetics are concerned, then it looks like the iPhone might have a real run for its money with those who want beautiful things. Android, whilst having the second largest app store, has often come in for criticism over its apps not having that ‘polished’ feel to them, but that doesn’t look like its going to be a problem here.” via

HTC is Doing Amazing Things with Sense on Windows Phone 7

“Barely 24 hours after HTC unveiled two new Android handsets, a confidential video has emerged which shows the HTC Sense UI running on Windows Phone 7. HTC employees swerved Windows Phone 7 related questions at a media event held in London yesterday. The company said it was confident that when HTC Windows Phone 7 devices were released that consumers would know it was a HTC device. Company officials declined to comment on how Sense would work on the upcoming devices. Today is a new day though and a video has leaked that appears to show the Sense UI running in Windows Phone 7.” via

Gartner Projects Android In 2nd Place By 2011

“A new set of projections from research firm Gartner has reinforced the prediction that Android is heading to the top of the smartphone market, largely at the expense of Blackberry and Symbian. The research suggests that Android will overtake Blackberry by the end of this year, but just barely, however, that lead will grow and by 2011 Android will have a commanding lead over RIM. Symbian is predicted to remain in the number one spot through to 2014, but the projections say that Android will be a whisker behind them. iOS’s market share drops a few points in the projections, but it manages to retain the number three spot ahead of Blackberry, which falls to fourth position in the smartphone stakes. Perhaps the most interesting prediction concerns Windows Phones 7, which Gartner are projecting to essentially be a non-event, steadily declining into obscurity. Of course it is worth pinting out the problems with this set of projections, not the least of which is the fact that they are projections and not actual facts. However, it is also worth remembering that Symbian, almost uniquely, retains such a large market share through low-end devices whereas the other players focus more on the higher-end of the market. iOS, unlike Symbian or Blackberry OS is used on more devices than just phones so again there is disparity. However, the geenral trend is easy enough to spot … Android is on the up.” via