Review of Nokia 5250 GSM Smartphone

“This is another attempt of Nokia to compete with cheap touchscreen models from Korea and beat them playing their own game. The majority of cheap touchscreen models have 2.8″ screens, while S60 handsets traditionally offer 3.2″. They often differ and some of them come with mirror layer to improve performance in the sun. By and large all these screens have comparable features and provide equal user experience. The switch to 2.8″ for Nokia is an opportunity to reduce the cost of its solutions and bridge the gap with Korean manufacturers. It is unlikely to overtake Samsung and LG as they decrease the price of 2.8″ models and start offering bigger screens in this price range. Nevertheless, Nokia will be able to get a sizeable portion of the segment. One controversial issue comes to the fore here – more specifically the competition with its own handsets, when the lower price leads to the choice of a cheaper model. Many consumers choose the phone by brand, price and features. Nokia 5250 is truly the cheapest touchscreen Nokia. S40 Touch will hit the shelves later and we cannot treat them as genuine touchscreen phones. Small screen and the absence of virtual keypads will be considered as a serious drawback by many” Read more here: