X7 & X7 Mini: Sony Ericsson Win Phone 7 Leak?

“It’s been rumoured for a while now that Sony Ericssona re working on handsets for Windows Phone 7 and that theywould likely not appear until next year. Well what could be the first glimpse of those handsets has appeared in a YouTube video. The video shows allegedly leaked slides containing information about two handsets, the X7 and the X7 Mini. The X7 is the bigger of the two with a 4.3 inch screen and a 1.2 GHz processor powering the device. The camera isn’t too shabby either coming in at 8.1 MP. The strangest aspect of the X7 though, and possibly the thing that reveals this to be a hoax, is that the slide claims it supports HDMI. Windows Phone 7 apparently doesn’t support HDMI so it’s hard to reconcile these two conflicting ideas.

With a 3.5 inch screen the X7 Mini is the smaller of the devices although we’re not sure if a 3.5 inch screen counts as ‘mini’? At any rate it packs in a 1 GHz processor and sees the camera being upped over the X7 to 10.1 MP with a x3 optical zoom and full on xenon flash.” via mobile-review.com

CrazySoft’s new action game called ‘Dance me’ full review! Totally suggested as a family game.

We are the first to review CrazySoft’s new action game called “Dance me”!


So, what is it? The title suggest dancing of some sort and this is what the game is about. If you want to learn how to dance, this is not the title you should download. The game is a simple action game with game-play a little similar to ‘Guitar Hero’. A triangle fellow is the main character (Reappeared in the Trigna game too) and you will see arrows appearing around him. The idea is to click the appropriate matching arrows at the bottom as fast as possible. When an arrow is ready to disappear (an you lose a life) get red. If you click the wrong arrow you lose a life as well. After 3 lifes lost, finito…

The game is very simple an may seem boring but there are many things to do, like gather trophies (Which are the dancing moves). There is a trophy page which says how many points you need for a specific trophy to appear. If you reach these points the trophy (or dancing move) will appear. 4 arrows will be shown to you and you will have to click the appropriate ones (from left to right) until the triangle fellow finishes his move. If you do it right and on time you will be informed that you learned the trophy.

Once one or more trophies are activated a speed bar lights up and fills up depending on the speed you match the arrows. When its full a ‘foot’ button will light up. Pressing that button will stop the dancing fellow and let you input a 4 arrow dance move (trophy). You will have to remember each trophy that you have previously learned to put it. If you forget it you can always go back to the trophy page and remember it.

Dancing moves can come randomly or by the foot button. Doing them yourself by the foot button is better because just after you do them you can press the foot button repeatedly and earn many points.

(HINT 1) *Also If you click the foot button when both of the triangles feet are on the ground you will achieve a ‘perfect sync’ where an extra arrow will appear on the triangle guy at the end of the dancing move and if you click it you will repeat the move. Repeating 4 times will get you an extra life!

(HINT 2) *If you do all the dancing moves you know, you will achieve a combo. That is to do another dancing move just after the first one. If you know many moves the combo will be repeated many times. But caution: Only dancing moves made with the foot button count, not the random ones.


This game is surly something I didn’t expect. There are no graphics!!! Yes, when the game starts the triangle guy will walk inside your screen with nothing but a black background. In the game there is only the cartoon dancing and the buttons needed, nothing more… nothing less. This was weird at first but I like it later on since it gives focus to the cartoon and the arrows. There are 2 different music tunes during the gameplay which are ‘happy’ and even may make you smile (You can choose one of them or none in the options page). The sound effects are great, this triangle guy wells everything.

The game starts being very easy and slow but this changes fast to a frenetic fast and stressing action game. If we input the memory factor (we have to remember the dancing moves) in this equation we have an extra hard game that usually lasts less than a minute. If you want to skip the slow/easy part you can start in Hard mode where thing are… HARD…
The difficulty (damn hard) of this game makes it ideal for small breaks (meetings), subway, busses and lines…

This is an overall smart game which has a lot of fun to offer. Trophies blast the gameplay to a new level and gives you unlimited hours until you get bored with it. Totally suggested as a family game or a difficult sync action/memory game.

Download it here.