Sony Ericsson Has No Windows Phone 7 Plans At The Moment

“I sense a disturbance in the Force… as if a thousand Sony Ericsson fans cried out at once and were suddenly silenced …
Despite much speculation and even some supposed leasked imsges it now looks like Sony Ericsson have no Windows Phone 7 handsets in the works … for the time being at least. The company has been widely expected to release some Windows Phone 7 handsets in the near future, but they have confirmed that that is not the case:
With Windows 7 we run the risk of standardising our smartphones. We would be obliged to compete only on design on price, which we want to avoid
That seems pretty conclusive, the best Sony Ericsson fans can hope for is that ongoing negotiations between Sony Ericsson and Microsoft to license the OS prove fruitful. The comment above is interesting though because it gives a clear reason for Sony Ericsson not releasing a handset right away, namely that they want to include their own custom UI i.e. Timescape, etc. Why they don’t see the value in a vanilla build, which has worked well for other brands at times is frustrating. Competing ‘only’ on design and price is not necessarily a bad thing, and given Sony Ericsson’s current situation they should really be taking any and all opportunities they are given.” via