Android 2.1 rolling out to Sony Ericcson Xperia X8, depending on product code

“Now the roll-out of the updated software has started also for the Xperia X8. The Xperia X8 follows pretty much in line with the mini products when it comes what to expect from the updated software. The things added besides the obvious step-up to Android 2.1 are the same as for the already started roll-out for Xperia X10 mini and mini pro.Also for the Xperia X8 the roll-out is of a gradual nature and I will unfortunately not know the exact time plan for specific kits beforehand. This is not because I keep things a secret or don’t want to tell you – it’s just that the final timing of when each kit comes is depending on different local and global approvals and therefore we don’t really have a detailed plan per kit but rather release them as soon as all needed approvals are in. I have added the updated x8 kits that I have been confirmed are out so far and will keep you updated as new kits are released. Also for any newcomers – the list below is a list of “SI-numbers” – that number can be found on the label of the back of your phone. So check what SI-number your phone has and then search this page to see if it’s out yet. So here’s the list. Starting with the new X8 kits and then continue with a few added kits on the X10 products as well.” via

First Look at Alcatel OT 980

“The first Android based smartphone made by Alcatel, or rather under the Alcatel name since the brand has been owned by TCL for quite a while now, was first showcased at Mobile World Congress last February. In early June, the device was rumored to be available by the end of the summer but then the availability date slipped to September, and after that to October. In a word, the device hasn’t been launched yet. Right now, all I can say is that even if the handset does hit the shelves eventually (at least, as far as Russia is concerned), that won’t happen before the very end of December. The company representatives keep saying that the device is not ready yet but refuse to provide any further explanation.” Read more here: