Android 2.2.1 update for Samsung Galaxy S now rolling out via Kies

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“There should now be a firmware upgrade available for the Samsung Galaxy S, which will take the device to Android 2.2.1. Users can upgrade their devices via Samsung’s desktop application Kies. The 2.2.1 upgrade is said to take care of a few bugs and security glitches, and while that may not be something to write home about, several users also report that they’re experiencing a rather significant speed increase after updating their devices. Considering some Galaxy S owners have suffered from occasional lag issues, that’s definitely good news. Users with root access may want to hold off from installing Android 2.2.1, however, since you might lose superuser access when updating. Although the geographical coverage of the upgrade yet is somewhat unclear, it’s assumed to be available for the Galaxy S in most regions. Has anyone updated their device yet? Did you notice the speed increase some Galaxy S owners are happy about?” via