Nokia N5 images leaks, powered by updated Symbian Anna

“We have got our hands on some exclusive pictures of the upcoming Nokia N5. The device is based on an updated version of Symbian Anna, as can be seen from the revised interface and looks a lot like Harmattan on the N9. The N5 will be available in black and white colored versions, with the white colored model having a lime green rear. On the front you can see the touchscreen display, which looks like it could be around 3.2-inch in size and call, end and menu buttons below it. The right side has the volume control and camera shutter buttons while the left side is left blank. On the back is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and a loudspeaker below.” More photos here:

Steroidal 1.4GHz version of the Samsung Galaxy S II to be launched in time for the next iPhone


“We’ve got another rumore now that Samsung is planning an improved version of the Samsung Galaxy S II around the time the next iPhone launches in late August or early September. After Eldar Murtazin’s musings that the Apple-Samsung legal kerfuffle is actually over the next high-end phones of Samsung, which will supposedly feature an edge-to-edge display, faster chipset and so on, we have Asian sources telling that Samsung is prepping a 1.4GHz sequel, which might not even be included in the Galaxy line, but get an altogether unique name of its own.While this could just be a version with the NFC capabilities unleashed, and overclocked chipset, we’d rather hope it’s going to be more than that, since a few MHz more alone is unlikely to sway the next iPhone buyers enough, provided that it will also sport a dual-core chipset – Apple’s A5 – capable of Full HD 1080p video recording. Still, Samsung is not new to the overclocking game, given the 1.2GHz Hummingbird in the Infuse 4G, or the Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition, which features a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor. Or, alternatively, the sources might mean the Samsung Galaxy S II Mini, which is listed with 1.4GHz chipset as well, but then they say the rumored handset will be external to the Galaxy line. We’ll see how this plays out, the possibility that this is something new and fresh is always exciting, but we shouldn’t be raising our hopes too high until we know more.” via