BlackBerry App World 3.0 goes live

After a short beta period, RIM has launched the new version of their software portal, BlackBerry App World. Most of the new stuff is just user interface shuffling, like new app categories, and updated search bar placement. There are a few functional updates, like sharing apps to Facebook, Twitter, and BBM, and every month there will be a new themed section to feature particular types of apps. I’m still not sure why RIM’s splitting up My Account and My World; one is supposed to handle your app library, and the other your payment options (PayPal, credit card, or otherwise), but it seems natural to provide all that information in one section with separate tabs. (Update: Just got a chance to play around a bit with the update, and it looks like one of the two has been renamed Payment Options, which should clear up some potential confusion. App World 3.0 should also be introducing subscription payments, which is awesome, though I can’t see the option My World just yet.)” via