Ex Nokians come together as “Jolla” to continue Development for MeeGo

“Wow, just when you thought MeeGo was done for. Apparently a bunch of ex-Nokians who had worked on the N9, have come together to “continue Nokia’s excellent work on MeeGo based smartphones” as “Jolla“.

“Jolla” is Finnish for “rescue sail boat“, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fate of the linux based Nokia OS. You can find out more about the company over on their LinkedIn page, but this is definitely great news for the MeeGo community! They might not be able to issue out updates as frequently, but atleast there will be some sort of support for the N9 after it’s last firmware update.


Jolla is here. based smartphones will have a bright, new future. Stay tuned!

7 Jul 12

Damn I so wish the N9 launched here at my side of the world! The community is so freakkin’ solid, heh. Way to go Ex-Nokians!” via unleashthephones.com