Unu is an Android Tablet that Turns Your TV into a Smart Console

“Android-powered consoles are an emerging point of focus in the game space. But where devices like Ouya and GameStick are geared primarily at creating a standalone gaming experience, the Unu is a tablet that turns your television into a smart TV. Launching in August, the Unu setup includes a 7-inch 1280 x 800 tablet running Android on a 1.6Ghz Rockchip quad-core processor. The device includes 8GB of storage, but is expandable via SD memory. At launch, you’ll have the option of purchasing one of two bundles. The Media Edition is geared toward a more casual user, and includes the Unu tablet, an airmouse remote, docking station, and HDMI cable for $200. The $250 Gaming Edition contains all the components of the Media Edition, but with the addition of a wireless game controller. Spending some time with the Unu on the E3 show floor, the system seems like a nice plug-and-play solution for those without Smart TV features on their HDTV. The Unu takes full advantage of the Google Play store for games, and accessing social media apps or streaming video via Netflix is a simple affair. Scrolling around with the Bluetooth-enabled airmouse is a bit imprecise, but an Unu rep said the team is still working on calibration. On the plus side, the small keyboard on the back of the remote is a really handy feature. More conveniently, purchasing additional docking stations opens the ability to simply move the Unu tablet from room to room, all without the need for a more expensive Smart TV.” via uk.ign.com