The Odyssey, one of the few HTML5, webGL/Javascript Facebook Games.


The Odyssey is one of the few HTML5, webGL/Javascript Facebook Games. It’s a mythical point and click adventure game and is out in Facebook.

Try it here:

No plugins are needed whatsoever! (no flash, no java, no unity3d, nothing…) All the latest desktop browsers support WebGL but I have seen many differences.

Firefox 25: Firefox runs wenGL nicely and fast in Mac but in Windows 8 64bit its not hardware accelerated and sometimes it crashes.
Chrome 30: Chrome runs stable and fast WebGL everywhere.
Opera 17: Opera was a nice surprise. It was the fastest of them all in Windows 8 64.
Safari: Safari supports WebGL but it’s inactivated. You have to activate it first and then try it. It was average speed but music was not playing at all.
Explorer in Windows 8.1: It says WebGL is supported (horeyyyy Microsoft) but I haven’t tried that yet.

Nice to see WebGL matures into mainstream browsers. The time is right for more developers to drop flash and start developing for WebGL. Congratulations to the Crazysoft team