Pebble Appstore Comes To Android


“Smartwatch maker Pebble has finally released its full version 2.0 app for Android devices, following a public beta originally brought the software and the Pebble Appstore to smartphones using Google’s mobile OS last month. The update, if you haven’t used the beta or if you’re not an iPhone owner, offers the ability to search for, install and manage new apps and watchfaces for Pebble. When the Appstore made its debut on iOS at the beginning of February, there were a few highlight partner apps that came along for the ride, including ones from Yelp, Foursquare, Mercedes and GoPro. The official Android launch brings some new partner software, including apps by eBay, Evernote and Time Warner Cable. The new eBay app offers the ability to follow eBay product feeds, and find stuff to order on your wrist. You can then send those things you’re interested in to your Watch List with a simple button press, so that you can buy them later using your smartphone. Evernote gives you access to Checklists, Reminders and Notebooks on your wrist, with two-way interactivity so that you can tick off items on a grocery list, in addition to being able to review notes. TWC’s app makes it so that customers can control their connected smart home from their wrist, including setting the temperature and setting home and away modes. This is great news for Android users who were looking for feature parity with their iOS counterparts, and the new software partnerships show that Pebble is still working to bring more high-profile app developers on board to show what’s possible with its expanded SDK. You can get the updated Pebble app free from Google Play now.” via