LG G5 with modular design, dual camera on back unveiled

Meet the LG G5 – the first mainstream modular phone! There have been attempts in the past, the most recent being Google’s Project Ara, but none has found mainstream success. The G5 has a “fluid metal” body and beveled glass on the front; not even antenna slits spoil its perfect lines. There is a single seam, which separates the bottom part. That’s the modular component – it can be removed to access the battery and card slots, and one of several add-ons can be inserted (this requires a reboot though). The first add-on is a camera grip, the LG Cam Plus. It adds 1,100mAh battery and hardware controls – a hardware shutter key, a video button, zoom dial. Then there’s a Bang & Olufsen DAC for even better audio quality. LG will open the standard for third-party manufacturers to create even more add-ons. Read more here:

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge: all you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge: all you need to know

The Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge are among the hottest, if not the hottest topic in the industry right now. Improving on all fronts, the S7 certainly shows that Samsung has kept an ear close to the ground and taken most of the public’s criticism towards the S6 close to heart. So far, we are certainly liking the S7, and we are certain that it will hardly disappoint.
Now, after the excitement has waned off a bit, it’s time to summarize everything we know about the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. You’ll find our most important stories about the the newcomers right here:

Sony Xperia X, X Performance, and XA hands on: a much needed reboot

Sony Xperia X, X Performance, and XA hands-on: a much needed reboot

For one reason or another, we had a pretty good idea of what most of the industry’s big boys are going to bring to MWC ’16, but we have to admit –Sony managed to remain a mystery until the last day. Being a bit too soon after the company unveiled the Z5, we didn’t really expect anything big out of the company… which is why we were so shocked to find out that it’s announcing not just one, but three new smartphones here, and each covering a different end of the spectrum at that. Read more here: