Our last remaster of ‘Zeus Quest’ is out! 4K@120FPS added!

‘Zeus Quest’ – The Rebirth of Earth –
(This is the new ‘Family Remaster’ V3).

This is our latest ‘Family Remaster (v3)’ which has made the game perfect for all the family, adults and kids alike! Help Zeus save the planet in one heck of a crazy and hilarious family adventure. A classic point and click adventure game safe for kids. It combines Greek Mythology with Sci-Fi in a funny way! Fully animated @120/60FPS, vector graphics and a huge plot.

4K@120FPS* (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam) / 4K@60FPS (PS4, Xbox One) [* Requires >= 120Hz TV & 2.1 HDMI]
1) Native 4K Remastered! (2D Vectorized Cartoon)
2) Family and child friendly.
3) Funny dialogue.
4) Requires creativity to finish it.
5) The solution of the game is included.
6) Fully animated @120/60FPS and huge gameplay. (50 different places)
7) Mini games.
8) Translated into 7 languages.
More info here

Playstation 5 & Playstation 4 (Released)
4K 2D Cartoon – 4K@120FPS* (PS5) / 4K@60FPS (PS4) [* Requires >= 120Hz TV & 2.1 HDMI]

Xbox Series X & Xbox One & PC (Released) Get it now
4K 2D Cartoon – 4K@120FPS* (Xbox Series X & PC) / 4K@60FPS (Xbox One & PC) [* Requires >= 120Hz TV/Monitor & 2.1 HDMI]

Steam Windows, Mac, Linux (Released) Get it now
4K 2D Cartoon – 4K@120FPS* or 4K@60FPS [* Requires >= 120Hz Monitor & 2.1 HDMI & Capable GPU]

Apple Mac Store & iOS (Released) Get it now
4K 2D Cartoon – 4K@120FPS* or 4K@60FPS [* Requires >= 120Hz Monitor & 2.1 HDMI & Capable GPU]

Nintendo Switch (Released)
FHD 2D Cartoon – 2K@60FPS

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Astrology and Horoscope ready for 2020.

Just Updated for 2020. Free update for: PS4, Steam, Mac, iOS, tvOS & Android!

2020 Astrology and Horoscopes Premium is the most luxury astrology, horoscope and numerology application. Learn your love horoscope in style. Use our super polished console quality premium astrology app. Get detailed daily predictions of tomorrow and yesterday based on biorhythms. Everything included…

Whats new:
* 2020 content update
* 2020 yearly horoscope
* 2020 yearly numerology
* New icons
* Major Engine update

Get it here:
PS4: Patch is out for PlayStation 4.
SWITCH*: free update is coming soon.
Mac Store: PREMIUM and FREE
Android: PREMIUM and FREE
Windows Store: PREMIUM and FREE

Classic Snake Adventures just released for PS4, Steam, Android and iOS.

A 4K reboot of the classic retro game snake introduced in 1997. Remade with gorgeous hand-drawn 2d art and a 3d snake. The snake’s mechanics are completely new. This 3d snake can bend, and change size and speed during game-play, something you won’t see in any other snake games. A state of the art game with the retro beloved gameplay of snake 97.

Nibble your way through 100 amazing rounds in 5 worlds with 20 different bosses! The quest is easy: avoid all obstacles and eat the remaining fruit. The reptile will increase in size and speed after eating, especially if you eat the meat. Soda can make you smaller again. If you touch a turbo booster, your speed will increase rapidly for a few seconds, so try not to crash! Bonus letters appear during your nimble quest. You better get them because if you complete the word ‘bonus,’ then you will get your hearts refilled and fat bonus points.

* Beautiful hand-drawn 2D art rendered in 4K
* 3d snake that bends and grows.
* Map with 5 beautiful worlds
* Lots of gameplay, 100 rounds, 20 bosses.
* World leaderboard.
* 14 trophies
* A state of the art game with the beloved retro gameplay of snake 97.

Get it now:
PS4: Available only as downloadable content for Playstation 4. You can buy this version from PlayStation Store (Europe and America regions).
Mac Store: PREMIUM and FREE
Android: PREMIUM and FREE
* Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will follow very soon!

Google is reportedly gathering health data on millions of Americans

Google is gathering detailed health record information from millions of Americans — and it has not informed patients or doctors, The Wall Street Journal reports. According to WSJ, St. Louis-based Ascension, the second-largest health system in the US, is sharing lab results, diagnoses and hospitalization records, as well as health histories complete with patient names and dates of birth, with Google.

The effort has been dubbed “Project Nightingale,” and a person familiar with the matter told WSJ that at least 150 Google employees have access to data on tens of millions of patients. Google is reportedly using the data to design new, AI-driven software.
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Facebook is secretly using your iPhone’s camera as you scroll your feed

iPhone owners, beware. It appears Facebook might be actively using your camera without your knowledge while you’re scrolling your feed.

The issue has come to light after a user going by the name Joshua Maddux took to Twitter to report the unusual behavior, which occurs in the Facebook app for iOS. In footage he shared, you can see his camera actively working in the background as he scrolls through his feed.

The problem becomes evident due to a bug that shows the camera feed in a tiny sliver on the left side of your screen, when you open a photo in the app and swipe down. TNW has since been able to independently reproduce the issue.
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Get ready for mid-range Samsung smartphones with over 10GB of RAM

Samsung knows a thing or two about memory technology and the company always puts that expertise to good use. It announced at the annual Samsung Tech Day event today that the mass production of the industry’s first 12GB LPDDR4X-based uMCP has now begun.

What that means in English is that Samsung has now made it possible for mid-range smartphones to have more than 10GB of RAM. That’s going to provide a significant improvement in user experience for customers who don’t get a flagship device.
This will be a game-changer for mid-range smartphones

The uMCP or UFS-based multichip package utilizes Samsung’s 24-gigabit (Gb) LPDDR4X chips. This allows Samsung to offer the highest mobile RAM capacity of 12GB for both flagship and mid-range devices. This is made possible by combining four 24Gb LPDDR4X chips with an ultra-fast eUFS 3.0 NAND storage into one single package. So it breaks through the existing 8GB package limit and allows for 10+ GB RAM to be put in mid-range devices.
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We tried a new foldable phone with a 10-inch screen that folds in different directions

I’ve opened and closed foldable phones hundreds of times by now. But even after reviewing the Galaxy Fold (twice), playing with Huawei’s Mate X and bending slim concept designs, nothing has prepared me for TCL’s prototype dual-hinged phone, which folds in three parts and opens into a huge, 10-inch tablet.

The most remarkable thing about TCL’s phone is that the hinges themselves move in different directions. The DragonHinge fold in, like a book, or like the Galaxy Fold, while the Butterfly Hinge folds the opposite way.

The two hinges create a zigzag shape as you open and close the device, a silhouette in Z. It looks like an accordion. Or a taco holder. And I have to get my greedy hands on it to give it a fold, one panel at a time: Open. Folded over once. Completely folded up into a triple-stacked sandwich so that the exposed panel becomes the TCL phone’s “outer” screen. With this design, a single uninterrupted screen does it all.
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Google says it’s achieved quantum supremacy

Google is standing by its claim that it’s achieved quantum supremacy — marking a major milestone in computing research. The company first made the claim back in September, and while disputed by competitors, Google’s research paper has now been published in the scientific journal Nature.

Quantum supremacy is a big deal, because it encapsulates the ability of quantum computers to solve problems that current technology couldn’t even begin to attempt. Google’s paper explains how its 53-bit quantum computer — named Sycamore — took just 200 seconds to perform a calculation that would have taken the world’s fastest supercomputer 10,000 years.

In theory, this capability opens a lot of doors to future technologies, such as designing better batteries and medicine, or minimizing emissions from farming chemicals. It could also help to advance existing technologies such as machine learning. However, Sycamore’s feat has almost no practical use at this stage — it was designed simply to show that a quantum computer could perform as expected.
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Huawei Band 4 arrives with a color display and USB-A charging port

Honor announced the Band 5i a couple of days ago, and now its parent company Huawei also unveiled a fitness tracker, dubbed Band 4, which is essentially a re-branded Band 5i with a pill-shaped button.

The Huawei Band 4 sports a 0.96″ 2.5D TFT color screen having a resolution of 160×80 pixels. It shows information like time and date, fitness data, and app notifications.
Huawei Band 4 arrives with a color display and USB-A charging port

The Band 4 comes with heart rate and sleep monitoring, and it can track different activities like walking, running and cycling.

The fitness tracker is water-resistant up to 50 meters and can sync with devices running Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and above. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity but has NFC missing.

The Honor Band 4 is offered in three colors – Graphite Black, Sakura Pink, and Amber Sunrise. It packs a 91 mAh battery which Huawei claims can offer 7-9 days of power autonomy. The fitness tracker comes with a USB-A connector, meaning you can plug it to the regular USB-A port for hassle-free charging.
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