StyleTap Updated for Win Mobile 5.0 and Square Screen Displays!

Sample screen shots of StyleTap PlatformStyleTap Platform allows you to run applications (and games!) originally written for Palm OS handhelds on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC handheld. With more than 20,000 applications for the Palm OS platform available – many of them free – you will be able to do so much more with your Windows Mobile Pocket PC handheld.StyleTap Platform is fast, compact and comes with everything you need. Just add your favorite third-party applications for Palm OS Platform and you’re ready to go! StyleTap Platform preview version is now available for a free 14-day trial. To download click here.You can also purchase the preview version for the special introductory price of $29.95 (US). This price includes a free upgrade to StyleTap Platform version 1.0 when it becomes available.If you find an application that does not work properly, please visit our support page and let us know about the problem.If you have any general questions about StyleTap or suggestions for improvements, please go to our contact page. We want to hear from you.News Flash! Palm Treo 700w now supported!New preview version (v0.9.108) now available. See Downloads for more information.

iBIT babe makes smooth entry into Korean markets

The iBIT U250 is to put it simply, “super”. Its not just well made with plenty of though being given to its design and form factor but the features, OS etc all come together to give a superb product. The flip form factor of the handset is very similar to what SonyEricsson uses for its PDA phones (SonyEricsson P910i). Its a nice way of providing a keypad despite having a touch screen. Keypads are easier for one handed use since the stylus does not come into play. The GPS based handset has two types of Navigation features to help its user. The first is car navigation system (CNS) which helps in finding addresses while driving. The other is a PNS (Personal navigation system). There are indeed a lot many features, not surprising since it operates on Windows v4.3 (makes surfing the net a p[leasure thanks to Internet Explorer 6). In terms of memory, the devie holds 64 MB SD RAM and 512 MB Flash memory. Supporting these is the mini SD card slot which can further serve to expand the memory if need be. The U250 has a nice 2 megapixel camera. Operated by a Intel PXA running at 400 Mhz, the PDA is certainly not going to give you cause for complaint by its performance. The EV-DO handset easily beats the competition by a long margin. It offers advantages such as digital zooming and a larger high resolution display. The U250 for example has a 240 x 320 resolution display which handles 262,000 colors. The phone also has a Text to speech program which is specifically for e-books. Simply download your favorite book and listen to the phone read it out for you. More at Aving (Korean) via

Sony Unveils 'Memory Stick Micro' For Phones

Sony announced plans today to ship in March the first Memory Stick Micro (‘M2’) products with storage capacities of 256MB, 512MB and 1GB. The new memory card is designed for mobile phones. An ‘M2’ adaptor in the size of a standard Memory Stick will allow users to exchange data to Memory Stick PRO compatible products. The ‘M2’ media is approximately one-quarter the volume of ‘Memory Stick PRO Duo’ media, yet only about 1.2mm thick. ‘M2’ media is designed as an externally removable media with a controlled eject function to prevent loss. Following the trend of mobile phones that operate at 1.8 volts, the ‘M2’ has been designed as dual-voltage media. In addition to 1.8 volt support, the media offers 3.3 volt operation which is required for existing ‘Memory Stick PRO’ compatible products. The Sony Ericsson M600i, which was also announced today, is the first mobile phone compatible with the ‘M2’. Sony plans to ship the 256MB and 512MB versions of the ‘M2’ media from March, and the 1GB model from May 2006. The estimated enduser price of the ‘M2’ media will be similar to the price of the current ‘Memory Stick PRO Duo’ media. via

Progress on the Treo 650 Linux Project

Linux working on the Palm Treo 650 “When I last wrote about Linux on the Treo 650, it was barely booting up the command prompt. Now less than 2 months later, developers have got the GPE graphical interface up and running. GPE is an open source user interface for using Linux on a handheld. It contains an environment of components for PIM, settings network access and other programs. So far people working on the Treo 650 Linux porting have got the keyboard, LCD, touchscreen, bootloader, SD slot, USB and some sound working. Phone and Bluetooth drivers are still under development. There is no word yet on how stable or functional this is, as only a batch of pictures have been posted.” via

Pocket PC Dubai Reviews the imate JAMin

PictureDial Released for the Treo 650
“The front of the device houses a 65k, 2.8” TFT touch screen. The screen display’s vibrant colours with accurate saturation and no noticeable yellow hue. Just above the screen, placed in the centre is a speaker. Unfortunately, the problems that the JAM had in regards to the speaker is shared by the JAMin too. I found the speaker volume too low and absolutely inaudible in loud areas such as busy streets, malls etc I thought HTC would have learnt a lesson and corrected this error, but the booming sales of the JAM perhaps deterred them from taking any action in this regard” Read this review at

New FREE Tetris game has been released for Palm OS!

Silent Hero Productions has released their new FREE Tetris game for Palm OS devices. Screenshots, FREE game download, and company contact information can be accessed HERE. Game features: – 100% FREE FUN – Arcade perfect Gameboy to Palm conversion – Beautiful visuals – Digitized sound effects – Digitized music – Perfect control – Perfect gameplay – Plus much, much more! Game requirements: – A PDA handheld device with Palm OS 4.0 or better REGISTRATION CODE: “AAAAAAA”